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What is everyone running on their DESKTOP???

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  • What is everyone running on their DESKTOP???

    There's a whole lot of discussion of what people have in their cars, but I'd be interested in knowing what everyone has on their desktops! I'll start

    Pentium 3 1ghz Coppermine (slot 1)
    Intel vc820 mainboard (socket 370 w/ slot converter )
    256 megs RDRAM
    16GB Maxtor HD
    emu10k1 sound chip
    CDRW and DVD drives, internal ZIP 100
    NewQ Platinum PC equalizer (sweet!)
    firewire, ethernet, standard i/o

    OS: Slackware Linux 8 (heavily updated)
    Kernel 2.4.17

    I have the line out from the emu10k1 running to a Spirit Folio Powerpad powered mixer, into which I also have lines from my stereo components. I run stereo speakers from the monitor lines. It works wonderfully and can easily be converted to a pro audio recording setup. I love it!

    OKay, your turn!

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    Nothing too special here:

    P3 800MHz coppermine (socket 370)
    Asustek Cusl2 mobo (i815 controller)
    512Mb PC133
    WinTV PCI
    Nvidia Geforce 2 GTS 32Mb
    SoundBlaster Live
    Slot load DVD
    Yamaha CDRW 4260
    10Gb 7200Rpm ATA 60 drive
    LinkSys 10/100 Network card
    Us Robotics 56k PCI Fax Modem
    CanonScan N1240U
    Canon BJC4100
    Microsoft Internet Keyboard + USB hub
    Microsoft Optical Mouse
    Dual boot Win 98SE/Redhat 6.2

    (and soldering iron and loads of electronics components from my current project :-)

    Old Systems retired due to new car
    New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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      Athlon 1 Ghz
      256 MB Ram
      60 GB HDD
      Geforce 256
      19" Monitor
      Logitech Optical
      Calcomp 6x9"Drawing Tablet


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        400mhz P-2
        Intel Seattle Mobo
        20 gig IBM HD
        8x cd-rw
        SB PCI-512
        Klipsch Audio speakers
        Viewsonic 6773 monitor
        Clarion 200watt head unit w/ Aux in.
        Kicker 800watt 4 channel amp
        In a 96 Grand Prix SE.


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          Originally posted by Arby

          Calcomp 6x9"Drawing Tablet
          that thing kicks *** for isketch


          AMD Duron 800
          FIC AZ-11 (it was cheap!)
          512 MB Generic PC133
          Hp 9140i 8x4x32
          Seagate 40 Gig
          ATi Rage Fury Pro
          Altec Lansing 3 Channel speakers
          IBM Optical Mouse (soon as I bought the thing optical mouse went down )
          Proview 770 17" Monitor


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            Main Box:
            Athlon XP1900 @ 1.8ghz
            Soltek SL75-DRV5 Motherboard
            ANTEC Model SX1040B Black 400W Case
            1 GIG Crucial PC2100 DDR
            1 x IBM Deskstar 20GB 7200rpm
            4 x Maxtor 80GB 5400rpm (raid)
            - Promise Fasttrak TX2-100 raid
            ATI Radeon All-in-Wonder
            TDK 32x CD Burner
            OLD Aureal Vortex 2 sound
            21" Digital (dec) monitor

            Main Server:
            AMD Duron 1ghz
            JET-WAY (JETWAY) 867AS Motherboard
            1GB Crucial PC-133
            8 x Maxtor 80GB 5400rpm (raid)
            - 2 x Promise Fasttrak TX2-100 raid
            OLD Matrox g200 video
            21" Digital (dec) monitor

            Linux Server:
            Asus A7v Motherboard
            Athlon T-bird 900Mhz
            512 meg Crucial PC-133
            40 gig Maxtor 7200 RPM
            Matrox Millenium Video
            21" generic POS monitor

            and of course like any good geek I've got a whole slew of other equipment thrown about the room but none is operational I've got 5 other boxes in the closet fo QA/Testing purposes but rarely fire them up so pointless to mention


            (edit: ooops forgot sound and monitors gotta add that in
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              Main Box:
              Dude yer gettin' a "DELL"
              Demension 8100
              1.5Ghz P4
              Win2k Pro
              384MB RDRAM
              TDK VeloCD 12x
              Turtlebeach Santacruz SC
              3com NIC
              Netgear NIC

              Linux Server:
              Salvaged old Gateway (compliments of uncle Mike
              192MB SDRAM
              2GB HD (Linux OS)
              6.5GB HD (http files)
              2 Netgear NICs

              Misc (mostly parents comps):
              Compaq presario 4840
              Compaq presario 7410 (something or other)
              My Install Thread

              MKIV VW Jetta
              How do I get sound to my car?


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                PONG console, circa 1977.......

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                  AMD 1.4ghz Athlon 266 fsb @ 1.45
                  Epox 8KHA motherboard
                  ThermoEngine HSF
                  1 Extra Fan in front of PC
                  256megs DDR pc2100
                  2 40gig IBM hard drives
                  Creative SB Live 5.1
                  Kyro II 32meg AGP video card
                  10/100 NIC
                  Pioneer 16x slot load DVD
                  Lite-On 16x10x40 w/ Burn Proof Burner
                  Translucent Green Case
                  15" Blue Neon w/ switch on front of case.
                  Windows XP Professional
                  2004 F-150
                  Shuttle XPC, 80gig HD, Wireless Internet, DVD
                  "How piMP3d is your ride??"


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                    AMD Thunderbird 1gzh overclocked to 1.2
                    ASUS something arother mobo
                    256megs of ram
                    40gig 7200rpm Segate Barracuda.
                    32meg, cheapo Riva TNT2
                    Creative Sound Blaster PCI 64
                    52X Diamond View cdrom (I want a burner, andone giving one away?)
                    10meg NIC
                    17inch LITEON screen


                    Some mobo
                    32megs of EDO ram
                    2meg graphics card
                    6.4gig 5400rpm hd FUJITSU
                    2 gig scsi drive Segate HAWK
                    another 2gig scsi drive Segate Hawk
                    56k internal modem
                    ESS ISA soundcars
                    SCSI controller cars (ISA)
                    10meg NIC
                    48X cdrom Creative
                    12speed cdrom
                    2X scsi cdrom Hewlett Pakard (fast enough to play DIVX movies from)

                    Both have windows 98...
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                      AMD Duron 900Mhz
                      512MB RAM
                      40GB Maxtor HDD
                      Geforce2 64MB Video
                      Sound Blaster/Vibra 128 Sound
                      LG 40X24X10X CD-RW
                      Pioneer 16X DVD-ROM
                      300W ATX PSU
                      17Inch Phillips Monitor
                      Hayes 56K Modem
                      Microsoft Optical Mouse
                      Microsoft Keyboard

                      Running Windows 2000 - SP2

                      pretty basic stuff, but does the job and plays SOF/UT/Half Life rather nicely!
                      Project - GAME OVER :(


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                        Might as well add mine to the mix

                        Duron [email protected]
                        IWill KK266R Motherboard
                        Antec SX1030 Case
                        1GB PC133 RAM
                        15GB 7200rpm HD
                        8x4x32x HP Burner & 10x DVD-ROM
                        SB Live
                        GF2 MX400 32MB
                        17" MAG Innovision Monitor
                        XP Pro

                        Web/FTP/MP3 Server:
                        Celeron 850Mhz
                        Tyan Trinity 400 Motherboard
                        512MB PC133 RAM
                        3GB, 6GB and 12GB HDs
                        ATI AIW Pro 8MB
                        2k Server

                        Linux (a real screamer ):
                        Old Compaq Deskpro
                        Pentium Pro 200Mhz
                        40MB 72pin Simm RAM
                        6GB HD

                        Dell Inspiron 8100
                        P3-M 866Mhz
                        384MB RAM
                        20GB HD
                        8x4x24 Burner
                        Dell Trumobile 802.11b card
                        MP3 Cavalier -
                        MP3 Grand Prix -


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                          Looks like i lose

                          AMD K6-2 500
                          Via socket 7 AT mobo
                          192mb SDRAM
                          4.3Gb Quantum Fireball hdd
                          Acer 50x CDROM
                          Acer 8x4x32 burner
                          internal LS120
                          4mb S3 Virge
                          8mb Voodoo 2
                          SB 16
                          Old skool AT case
                          basic keyboard
                          MS intelli mouse pro
                          14" Hypertec monitor (back when Hypertec used to make PC's)

                          Windows ME

                          and thats about all. No good for any thing really, cept internet and HW. (its even a bit slow compiling software.

                          Linux Server: (out of action at the moment)
                          Intel P233MMX @ 266 (from memory)
                          Octek socket 7 AT mobo
                          32mb EDO ram
                          6x CDROM
                          1.44mb Floppy drive
                          4mb s3 virge
                          and a fryed 1gb hdd (waiting to buy a new one)

                          (edit: forgot the linux box)
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                            I'll play along...
                            AMD Athlon 1.4Ghz-266Mhz
                            512MB Ram
                            ABIT KG7-Raid
                            ASUS V8200 (Geforce III) w/Video pkg
                            Sounblaster Audigy Platinum
                            IBM Deskstar 61GB
                            Lian-Li PC60 Full tower aluminum case
                            Sony G500 21" Monitor <- crowning jewel of my system

                            Pentium III 733
                            512MB Ram
                            Soyo SY-7IS2 (abit mobo blew up)
                            SB Live
                            HP 24x4x4 burner
                            IBM Deskstar 45GB (recently crapped out on me *again*... down to a window modded 4GB drive)

                            Old compaq p-233 deskpro used as firewall/backup box
                            CarPC Stolen. Starting over.
                            Ne1 recognize the avatar?


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                              i suppose....

                              ok : main comp :

                              amd thunderbird 900 underclocked to 855 mhz <- not stable at spec speed. have no idea why
                              yamaha ymf724 sound card <- had a lot of troubles getting this peice of crap going , driver issues etc...
                              geforce2 mx 400 64 meg
                              bt878 based tv card
                              allied telesyn (8139) network card
                              an old 40 speed cd rom
                              256 meg pc 133 and 128 meg pc 100 ram
                              asus a7v m/b
                              40 meg seagate
                              17 inch monitor
                              win 98 se and redhat 7 , with kernel 2.4.18

                              my mp3 holding and playing computer :

                              amd k5 133
                              16 meg ramrealtek network card
                              some vidcard , cant recall its name
                              vibra 16 sound card
                              14 inch monitor
                              an 8 speed cdrom
                              running win98 se , because the gui runs better than any linux on this crappy machine. if i had more ram , say 64 meg , or even 48 , it would have linux. i need a gui because my gf uses it to surf the web sometimes , and so do i

                              you can see that my computer is a bicth computer , jerry rigged beyond belife , but somehow it all works 96 % of the time
                              stupid quote # 1 : "i dont do drugs , i only ever smoke pot when i'm coming down" , Me , 6 september , 2001.