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Help further my roommate's band - and add to the celebrity list!

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  • Help further my roommate's band - and add to the celebrity list!

    I haven't posted here in a while. I'm sorry.

    Some of you may remember me though, and to those of you I have a favor to ask.

    So, my roommate is in a band. Ironically enough, I've had several roommates in different bands, but this is the first one that doesn't suck.

    I'm posting his story here in the hopes that his endeavors are aided at all. And if you're somewhere they have a show, try to drop him/me a line and we'll see what we can do for you.

    Originally posted by awesome roommate
    Alright, let me preface this by saying I never wanted to make a post like this. We all know the last thing SA likes is promotion spamming. But within the last few days my life has taken a serious turn for the surreal and I can't help but do everything to further it.

    I play in a band. Bass, to be exact. I don't even play it that well. And for just over a year now I've been playing bass in this band having a good time, just living out my college life while its still here. The band is based in Tampa, FL, so I would commute from Gainesville for shows and important practices. It is a great thing to be a part of - hanging out with friends, playing music, and hoping that maybe you can improve someones day at a show or through the music itself.

    Around Thanksgiving of last year the owner of the local studio approached us about recording a demo through him that he could shop around to labels. While the thought of actually making something out of what is essentially a hobby seemed ridiculous, we decided it couldn't hurt to try. Atleast we'd get some quality recordings out of it. The demo was supposed to be finished in Decemeber. Then got pushed back to January. Then April. We finished it finally, in May. At that point the whole thing seemed like it had collapsed on itself. We got it mastered and our now producer sent it to his manager, as well as a rep he had done business with before at Atlantic Records.

    We just heard back from Atlantic records.

    I am going to explain their repsonse exactly as it was explained to me:

    "We got word back from Atlantic. You should know this before I explain the rest: [Our Producer] has sent him tons of bands in the past. Every time, with only one exception, his response is a very straight forward, flat "not interested." The one exception that he expressed interest the band was signed to Atlantic. His response to our demo was "I am very interested in this band. I would like to hear more and see them live."

    I am completely dumbfounded. Its all too strange for me to accept. Getting signed to Atlantic Records is still a complete longshot, but its as if we moved into the next round. The response easily could have been "not interested" and that would be that.

    So where does the "help" come in? Our producer and his manager both told us that the single biggest thing we need to work on is "our story." This seems to be music biz mumbo jumbo for "hype" and "buzz" and "experience." To give examples, Panic at the Disco (who Im not a huge fan of, but it doesnt matter) was signed before ever playing a single show. This is because they absolutely blew up online. That was their story. They had thousands of plays a day and have never seen a stage. Other bands "story" is that they opened up for [insert major band here] during an east coast tour and got exposure as a result. We need a story.

    If anyone on SA can do anything to help, it literally could change my life. It still hasn't sunk in that there is a real chance I could be on Atlantic Records. So I know its a long shot, but anyone who has thoughts or help would be amazing.

    And heres the shameful, promotions part. Like I said, the internet plays a huge role in the eyes of reps these days. SA is a huge community that I have been a part of for years now. I helped buy body armor for soldiers, carry people out of debt, etc... and always felt good for it. While this is shameless, I am at one of the biggest forks in my life concievable. I'm going to post our myspace. Please, if you feel inclined, listen. Just the play for that day makes a big deal. If you like it, send us a message, put us in your top 8, I dont care. I'm just doing everything I can to take a shot at literally making a dream come true.

    If the response isn't "STOP BEING A WHORE, FAGGOT" and even resembles something positive, I can post more of our Demo (including what I think to be our best song).

    Let me know what you think, ridicule us, tell me we should kill ourselves, I dont care. As I said, I am at a completely surreal point that literally could alter the rest of my life. If even one person likes it and can help in any way then this was worth it.

    EDIT: Thanks so much everyone. Here is another song availible for download:

    And to all the suggestions about getting signed: thanks. I am very familar with the coldness of major label contracts. I dont expect to make millions for the rest of my life and live fabulously. To be honest, I am most excited about the connections I could make in the business to continue my career after the band fizzles out. Which is what pop bands do.

    Also, about a website: We've been dicked around over and over from various people in making one. If anyone is competent and interested, we would be more than willing to pay a goon to make us a site. We know how badly we need it.

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    did someone hack your account, and posted spam? j/k


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      Sorry, but a MySpace listing, no matter how popular or well-trafficked isn't "buzz". It's a bunch of non-geeks linking to other non-geeks. It's about as effective as an online petition to impeach the president.
      Tell your roommate to have the band contact local morning news programs, local radio stations, play more gigs & festivals and such...
      Get people to see the band, hear the band, like the band.
      Hand out demo CDs to radio stations, TV stations and other local/regional media outlets. If they travel at all for any reasons (with or without the rest of the band), do the same thing in other cities when they travel....

      The more people that hear your band, the more "buzz" is generated, period.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

      Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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        theyre not bad at all, thats for sure
        carputer - done.


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          Jan Bennett
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          Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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            Cool, I like em. Although some songs the vocals are a little soft. Have you ever thought of P2P.

            oh and wheres there website?
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