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  • the garage :-)


    95 gsxr 750 (mine redoing electrical)

    00 r1 (polishing frame for someone)

    06 gsxr 1k (removing emissions junk, tre, fi light fix and new fairings my buddys)

    06 gsxr 750 (removing emissions junk, maybe tre, and repair fairings and spray black)
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    There's no way you're gonna fit a 7" touchscreen in there!

    But still, I like, especially the 06 GSXR


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      you can always ditch the guages hehe yeah i wish i had the k6 thats my goal i want one after i graduate


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        so... you opening up a bike repair shop?


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          when i was younger, I owned a full service sign company. In the winter besides selling neon and the occasional replacement of bulbs that were burned out in signs, we didnt have much going on. It was our slow time of the year.

          So to fill some time and make some extra cash, we used to polish, customize, store and modify sport bikes in the shop. The name of my company was Custom Touch Inc., with a name like that(having nothing to do with the actual business), a tax id and business license, and a building with a store front. I was able to become a dealer for; LP, Parts unlimited, trac dynamics, pingel, etc. You cant beleive the markup on the stuff, anyhow, i used to charge my friends a little over what i got it for+tax, No one complained since it was almost half the price what they were paying at a store and I used to install for them for free.

          Anyhow, point of the story now that im done with background is i had about 20 bikes in the back, some taken apart, some being polished, some collecting dust and whatnot. Well power outage, bad storm, My alarm goes off, the alarm company calls me and the police. I get there to a cop at the back of my building to check everything out. no big deal right? lol I wish, As soon as i opened the back door of my shop, The cop thought at first I had a chop shop going on. lol. after I explained and showed him paperwork, lol he checked a couple vins, and apologized. A week later he brought his Gixxer to me to be polished.

          Looks like a nice start, Maybe you should get a shop and take advantage of all the dealership licenses like i did.
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