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Need help finding idle and temp sensors

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  • Need help finding idle and temp sensors

    I have a 97 chevy full size with a (tiny) 4.3L V6

    To protect all my nifty stuff, I bought an alarm with remote start, keyless entry, and a pager off ebay (some of you may remember the trouble I had getting the guy to actually send it to me)

    anyway, it's been sitting in my room, totally useless, for the last 4 months because the ENTIRE thing wont work (properly) unless all the sensors are connected.

    As a safety precaution, the remote start part of the car alarm will kill the engine (unless the key is in the ignition) if the car revs or starts to overheat. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find out where my temp and idle sensors are. I have looked in the Haynes manual, online, chilton's, and asked everyone I know--but no luck.

    I finally got the idea to ask you guys. maybe you know exactly where they are on my truck or maybe you can point me in the right direction (they may be in the same place as an S10, because it's the same motor).

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