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Trouble With Truck!!!

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  • Trouble With Truck!!!

    I really don't know where else to turn with this problem but here it goes.

    I recently purchased a 1992 Ford Ranger, 2 Wheel Drive, 2.3l, Manual, with 115k miles for $500.

    This guy has had the truck for 4 years and he really hasn't had a problem with it. I bought the thing, and now the problems have started. In the recent weeks it has rained/snowed/rained and I am having problems starting it and have throttle bogging down problem. When it starts i let it warm up for about 5 minutes then I start driving, but when I start to move its almost like the engine isn't getting enough air or I am almost flooding it because the engine bogs down.

    I took the truck to a mechanic for an inspection, he says that it just needs a new cap, rotor, plugs, and wires. Well needless to say he says that he can do it for roughly $250. I wanted to see if there was anything that I could do. I went to a local parts store and found out that this truck has import and exhaust port plugs and it doesn't have a cap and rotor, it uses a distribution center to fire those eight plugs.

    I guess my question is has anyone had problems with their vehicles like this or not?

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    Sounds like it just needs a tuneup. New filters, plugs, wires, etc. Most likely an ignition problem... Perhaps a coil pack has gone bad?
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      haha, yeah, I bought a lincoln that supposedly had
      "no problems", the week after the powersteering and powerbrakes quit.
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