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I helped build a shed!

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  • I helped build a shed!

    Some of you who work in construction or have ever worked in construction might think "big friggin' deal". I don't profess to know anything about building a home other than what I've seen on the home improvement shows. So to me, this is a massive undertaking.

    Since we were later to arrive than the rest of the crew, we went to work on the shed for this build while the others were laying out the framework for the actual house.
    We got the shed up right before the rain started pouring down rain. So while the framers were doing their thing, we had a place where we could stay dry!

    The pics are lousy quality, as I snapped 'em with my Treo in the rain.

    The center photo is my fiancee smiling as she looks all dishevelled from hard work
    She's pretty much a bad-*** with a nailgun, too. I'm gonna have to do my best not to **** her off, especially if we ever get a nailgun!

    This is a Habitat for Humanity house for a family that is a member of my fiancee's church that was displaced by Katrina last year. They have settled in the Dallas area, and the church is doing this house for them from foundation to roof.

    The house in the background behind the shed is another HFH house that's almost done. They were working on a rather expansive deck for that home today. The house next door to the one we were working on is another HFH home. Apparently, HFH built several of the homes in that neighborhood, in order to help revitalize an aging 'hood.

    Let me tell you that doing construction in the rain sucks ***. We were wet and muddy when we came home, and half the time I was walking around with so much mud on my shoes... I'm pretty certain that the mud weighed twice as much as my steel-toed Doc Martens!
    One of our temporary outlets died, too. That limited our ability to work, obviously. Because of the rain, we halted work and are going to pick up tomorrow so we can finish this weekend's schedule, which is just getting all the boards for framework cut and in place. By my estimate, about 60-70% of that is done, so tomorrow should be a reasonably short day.

    Doing something likes this feels really good inside.
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    How about the Wiki?

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    doing good things for people leads to good feelings. I applaud you for your help to HFH and pray that the member of your fiancee's church gets back on their feet soon!
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      It's good to see you stepping out of the "Darque Side" DP.


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          Well, considering all the rain clouds, it was pretty dark ANYWAY.

          Besides, when we were oot & aboot yesterday, we stopped for pizza at a local place, and I saw this place across the street. I had to get a picture.

          Crap. It's too blurry. It's Darque Tan on Coit Road in Plano....
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          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

          Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.