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Weird bug on vBulletin search

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  • Weird bug on vBulletin search

    Try this:

    do a search for "anyword ac/dc"

    The hex representation of the "/" (%2F) character confuses the hell out of the php code. Click on any of the serach results to experience the bug.

    There's a newer vBulletin (2.2.25), I don't know if the bug is fixed or if it's even worth upgrading for.

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    Re: Weird bug on vBulletin search

    you always haveto break things dont you!!!!

    nice find...... maybe you should report the bug to the vBulletin homepage?
    Project - GAME OVER :(


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      if you taker the &highlight=xxx it works fine.

      I wish there was an option to disable highlighting in search!


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        Ouch. Maybe you should post it to BugTraq?
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          magnetik: Hehehe, what's the fun otherwise.

          Aaron: I searched on the vbulletin page and it seems it was a know bug, and it doesn't happen in their own bulletin, so it must have been fixed on some later version.

          Here's one of the posts regarding the error:

          As you can see, at the end of the thread he mentions a one line hack fixes it.