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  • For the love of tech support

    here is an actual email I recieved from pinnacle systems tech support. I swear this has not been fabricated or doctored in any way:

    You wrote, "Some one told me the have a studio pctv card that included AM radio tuning, but all of theunits I see on the site have only FM radio. Has the product been discontinued?"

    I only know them to have a FM tuner. I have never seen it come with AM. Perhaps a while ago they did. I would know for sure because I've only been with Pinnacle for the last nine months.

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    Well he answered your question (in a somewhat idiotic way), if he hasn't heard of an AM model in the past nine months then it must be discontinued. Most email tech support people answer the questions off the top of their head without looking in to it further. M.A.V.I.C. System
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