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  • intel core duo pentium 4

    I have a p4 3.06 ghz 533 fsb

    Would even the lowest intel core 2 duo be faster that that?
    yes or no by how much?

    Is there some where online that gives you a "estimate" of the speed differences between the 2 processors.

    I wanted to upgrade but wanted to know how much of a difference I would see.


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    This link should have most of the information you are looking for:
    Read any article posted after this one for more info.

    Another good site is Anandtech:
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      I forgot where I saw this, but my Core 2 Solo laptop at 1.2GHz posted similar benchmarks as a desktop P4-2.8GHz. As the slowest Core 2 Duo is 1.86GHz, I'm sure it'll be equal or better than your P4-3.06. Obviously this isn't a complete analysis, but it's a decent rule-of-thumb, I suppose.
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