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  • Chrysler LeBaron opinions\

    Anyone have experience with this car?
    My s-10 isn't gonna last long, so I am looking for another car.
    From what I here, its the poor mans sport convertible.
    It ranks pretty high on MSN Carpoint.

    I am looking at either 1993 or 1994's.
    They are 6cyl 3.0 liters, with 5speed auto-trannies. Every review I've read said they get great gas miliage, and are plenty quick when you stomp it.

    I just think it would be cool to drive a convertible.

    Something like this one

    Anyone have experience with these types of cars? Are they disant cars?

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    We had a LeBaron for a number of years...I don't think we had any major problems with it, until the engine blew. It was not from lack of maintenane, as my mom is religious about maintaining cars....From what our mechanic told us, premature engine failure is pretty common for older LeBarons...They begin to smoke, then consume oil at an extreme rate...Don't remember the exact cause, but it will be something serious...Perhaps piston rings?
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      He's right, the 3.0L is brought to you by Mitsubishi. Its high quality features include valve seals that leak, valve guides that drop, timing belt that has to be replaced every 60k, interference design, water pumps that go out often, seals that leak, .....

      Personally I would stick with the S-10, I just replaced my 88 with a 2000 because I got a new job and wanted the extended cab and AC. My 88 was wrecked, stolen, shot, hauled lumber, cows, dirt, mud raced, repoed, and is still running strong with 170,000 miles.


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        my dad has a 93 and it has 70,000 miles on it. we had another older lebaron too. we havent had any major problems with it and it seems like a nice car to drive, especially with the top down on a sunny day!
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          I think Aaron and Eugene are right.
          I believe I will be either sticking with the S10, or getting a Rodeo,
          thanks guys.
          Clarion 200watt head unit w/ Aux in.
          Kicker 800watt 4 channel amp
          In a 96 Grand Prix SE.