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Tonneau Cover for my truck

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  • Tonneau Cover for my truck

    Hi there people, i want to have a tonneau cover for my truck before winter really sets in, and i want to build it myself, My truck is a 98 short box F-150
    i plan to build a frame to sit inside the box of the truck then frame the cover all in wood but the cover it self in fiberglass. now that much is easy i could simply lap it over the sides of the box and it'll be great but i want more the that. i want it to be different and what i have in mind is right be the cab end of the box to open like a tool box and then the rest to open like a tipical cover. now the wood work i can do, the fiberglass i'll have to call on my friend for because im not all that great at fiberglass. now my problem is keeping it water tight. umm any suggestions tips or warnings would be nice. If the people on this site think my idea is to farfetched then i might scrap it and build an ordinary one so all input is good input