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  • USB Compact Flash Readers

    Does anyone know anything about these? I'm thinking about getting one as my camera is a bit slow to download. Anyway I went to my local PC shop and they had about 5 or 6 different ones (ranging from $20 to $50) however only one stated what the data transfer rate was (1.2mb/sec).

    Now what I want to know is 1.2mb/sec any good as USB flash readers go (My compact flash card will go up 16.6mb/sec which is a fair bit faster).

    Can anyone recmend a reader with a faster transfer rate.

    And is there anything else feature wise which I should look out for?

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    I have a smart media card reader made by dazzle.

    It's incredibly faster than the one I used to use. I don't know the exact data rate, and I don't want to over state it.. but It seemed at least as fast as my hard drive
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      I just bough a SanDisk compact flash reader ($20) for my parents, who have an old 1mp camera that only had a serial connection, which could take on the order of 15 min to download the 10mb flash card. The usb reader took literraly a few seconds to download the 10mb. Especially if you have a camera with a serial camera, they are quite worth it.

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