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  • Holy Crap Batman!

    My mother is the executor of this woman's estate and she's been getting these letters from some guy in OK that says there's a sum of cash that's waiting to be claimed, he just wants a 20% finder's fee. He won't give any other details.

    Well I searched online for places to search for unclaimed money and property, and of course, all of the links are for sites that charge $10 - $50 to find out if you have any unclaimed property. Then I hit one link which goes to the Texas Comptroller's website which has a free search of unclaimed property. This is where all those websites get their information. So I look up this lady's name and select her checkboxes and find out she has $60,000 sitting in the state's bank account waiting to be claimed. Holy crap batman.

    Point of the story: Go to your state's comptroller's website and see if you got anything coming to you. My Dad had ~$150 with his name on it. It's worth a shot.

    Maybe I should start a dot com that just searches the states' databases and charges a fee to use my glorious search engine. <Insert Vincent Price laugh here>
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    I looked into these a while back.... My name is never there damnit! I need money!!!

    BTW, I found a list for each state Do I get a finders fee?? M.A.V.I.C. System
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      Screw that A--hole out of the money... there is no reason for someone to presume that they should ne entitled to gain a profit from doing what should be considered a kind gesture to inform someone that they have misplaced some of their belongings...

      how does this guy know that you arent a relative of that woman.. for all i know you could be, but that is just a shame that this "prick" wants you to pay him a "finders fee"

      i say you get the money fair and square going through the proper channels and then, after all is cleared up... you send the guy a smart *** thank you note.... make sure you tell him that the money issue has been cleared up and that you thank him for informing you that this woman had some money left in the account.

      people like that are basically trash... con artists who prey on the trusting nature of most people....


      on a side note... i dont have any money coming to me either maveric!!!
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