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  • iPhone

    Has anyone seen or used this in person? Looks pretty cool. I know it's not really knew technology. I just really like the GUI.

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    It's brand new and was unveiled at MacWorld Expo today.
    How on earth do you think anyone would actually have one in-hand or used one?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I work for ATT/Cingular. I dont know any of the testers who have tested, but it is only going to be a cingular / Att wireless phone.

      There is a little more information on the cingular website

      I use a USStarcomm/HTC phone. I like these because they are windows mobile based and work better with what I do day to day, and I use the mini sd for a few mp3s. I am also using it as a wireless modem for my laptop.

      But... This may be better for you if you are an itunes person.
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        lol, well obviously I didn't know that. It showed up on my personalized google home page, it looked cool, so I posted on here to see if anyone has messed with one.


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          iphone wont be that good...

          mostly battery life and such, and also how scratched up it will get and yea...

          p.s. how sick would this be for in a car? and how much does that look like a vista gui more than an apple one?
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            I disagree with that guy in the link you provided above. He says that cellphones today suck, but I think back to the cellphone I had just a few years ago and they have come a long way. I think a lot of people like there phones just not phone companies.

            I don't care too much about battery life; In fact, I don't really hear anyone *****ing about battery life except for people on the internet. Electricity has been around for a while you can plug your phone into the wall, car, and sometimes computer to charge it. Shouldn't be that big of a deal. And about the scratching...I treat my phone like ****, throw it, drop it, etc and I've noticed the cover is pretty scratched but the actually display isn't bad at all. I'm sure they've come up with a scratch resistant screen that works fairly well.


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              I soooo agree with this guy. I had a P800 back in the pretty much had everything I wanted, but it was way too big for daily use. So i got a 7610...that was a PITA...luckily I drowned it on my Spain vacation. I was looking for new phone and ready to spend $500 or more....ehm yeah...really wasn't that impressed with anything...ok better cameras...but besides that, really no new featuers. Was so disappointed I just got a $100 phone...
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                i wish sony would have taken that extra step with the clie.....which looks a lot like the iphone. (can say that about most none blackberry pdas) It had a ton of potential........but sony failed and pulled the plug.

                I still have my clie, it looks beautiful.....its just useless.

                Of course this has other innovations in addition capabilities, bluetooth & wifi (which the clie had adapters for)....the touchscreen is supposed to allow multiple contact points, and the phone also have an accelerometer like my canon SD.

                I don't see me buying one of these.....maybe next gen when there are hacks.....improvements etc.
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                  this is the first phone i think id buy.
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                    That guy is saying what i've been telling my family and friends for years. The closest thing i have to a phone is Skype for the pocket PC. To me, telephony is something that is best as a superior device's ADD ON, not if it is the device's main function and you have to add on things to make it do more. Any computer can do telephony, be it VoIP or Celluar. Plus, with skype and a date plan, its a cheaper, more predictable monthly bill. Phone's are worthless to me. i'll shell out $200-$300 for that!

                    As for the iPhone...i apple has done soem innovative thigns in the past, BUT...if its anythign liek the iPod, it will be easy to use, look AMAZING (and it does), have a great GUI, and be a piece of crap engineering wise--like their iPods.
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                      It's pretty, but it doesn't have 3G. Also, typing without tactile feedback sucks.


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                        The Multi Touch interface is the show stealer, NOT the iPhone itself.
                        (All done)
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                          Victory goes to Apple for being number one in personal entertainment. The only thing they have to do now is join forces with Sony, and buy out Toyota. I'd a freaken Auto/Multi Media monopoly... If only they would figure out how to put a toaster on the dashboard.


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                            Albeit the GUI looks appealing but I'll stick with my PPC6700 & 3G...
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                              I like the interface. its got that cool factor. Do you think the wifi internet access can be used for internet in the car. I am looking for internet in my ride and would buy this in a minute if the internet is up to par.

                              2 thumbs up apple