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Car exhaust question

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  • Car exhaust question

    Hey guys

    I've a quick question. I have a car I'm leasing, a real POS, and I only have it for about 3 more months. I live on an island with horrible roads, and I've broken the exhaust pipe. It's broken somewhere in the middle of the car (completely broken off!)

    I'm wondering if I should worry about carbon monoxide poisoning? Is CO in high enough concs in car exhaust to worry about it? I drive the car maybe twice a week for about 30-60 minutes at a time. Would it help to keep the windows down?

    Thanks (I don't want to die, yet!)

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    I would worry, the company you are leasing from will charge you anyway. Why not fix it?
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      go to the cheapest muffler shop and have them weld a pipe there.
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