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  • The Fat and The Furious

    No, it wasn`t a typo... enjoy:

    I live my life a quarter pounder at a time. And for those 5000 calories or more, I'm free

    I need FRIIIIIIESSSSSS! 2 of them, the big ones. Oh, and I need them tonight!!

    You're lucky the double shot of bbq sauce didn't blow a seam on your nugget box!!!

    Dom: Whoa! There she is, 2 pounds of pure MickeyD's beef. My dad ate it in 9.9 seconds. There was so much special
    sauce, the juices actually dripped onto his chin coming off the line. Bryan: What's your time?
    Dom: I haven't tasted her. She scares the crap outta me.

    My grill topped out at 140 degrees, I need more charcoal, 2 bags, the big ones

    So what're you eatin?! Oh you gonna make me look under the bun and find out?? You're brave.

    It's not how you stand by your burger, it's how you EAT your burger.

    Bull ***** *** hole! no one likes the McTuna sandwhich around here!

    You almost had me? never had me, you never had your burger. your granny-biting, not chomping like you should!!!

    Now me and Ronald McDonald here are gonna have to rip open the counter, and replace the ONION RINGS YOU

    You know you owe me a 10 pack of nuggets. ooh. Ouch!

    Don't do it! I'll bet he's got at least a triple cheeseburger under that bun!

    When you gonna give me a shot at that double quarter pounder of yours?

    Torretto's got ketchup in his veins and an all beef patty for a brain.

    They opened my bag. Disrespected my fries. All becuase someone narked me out! AND YOU KNOW WHAT!! IT

    Bryan - "Welcome to Mcdonald's, may I take your order?"
    Hector - "Yeah, I made a list. I want 3 of everything."

    Check it out it's like this. If I lose, winner takes my happy meal. But If I win, I take the burger AND the TOY. To
    some people thats more important.
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    id have to say that that movie was one of the all-time ****tiest movies ive ever accidently seen


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      Give credit to the people who wrote this. You didn't,


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        nice icon!!!


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          Originally posted by Ivar
          Give credit to the people who wrote this. You didn't,
          guilty as charged, a blatant copy & paste job i`m afraid... Someone emailed it 2 me, I thought it was funny, so i posted it... I don`t know who orignally wrote it though, but I wouldn`t mind seeing more.
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            Too bad that the only movie about imports sucked. At least there were only 3 civics in there.
            "I'm as confused as a baby in a topless bar"


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              Originally posted by Alives
              nice icon!!!

              please tell me you've seen the head.. :/

              "If A equals success, then the formula is: A=X+Y+Z. X is work. Y is play. Z is keep your mouth shut."
              Albert Einstein


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                Where the hell where the Scoobies! At least they had a Skyline in there. No Lancers, no Imprezas, sheash! But it just goes to show you can even rice out a VW. (That thing was UGLY! Hope that Muniez kid's happy with it.)