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  • Taskbar wireless signal graph

    Are their any apps that show the wireless signal strength in the taskbar by the clock? NOT THE WINDOWS one...the ones that show the big green bars like the "cell phone" service bars?
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    You could try one of these apps.

    And move the wifi bar anywhere and lock it down plus make always on top.
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      Yes but the tray icons I have seen are card specific. I have one that came with my Sierra Wireless Aircard as well as ones with my Atheros and Cisco wifi cards.

      Since my CPU load stays so high when traveling I rarely use them until I get desperate to find a hotspot. And even then, netstumbler is better.

      EDIT: just did an experiment with the above three cards. Cisco, Atheros, and my CompUSA USB Wifis all have utilities that don't work with one another. The sierra card will also manage WiFi and sees them all and has the tray meter you're looking for. Problem is it doesn't have a minimize to the tray option like taskmanager. Sierra software called PCS Connection Mannager runs without the sierra card.
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