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  • Finished 04 Corolla CARPC

    Well its been about 1.5 years since i bought my opus mobo and proccessor and finally these last couple of months i got off my *** and built my carpc. This is my first time ever working w/ car audio, car wiring, fabrication, etc... Nontheless, I think it turned out ok. Huge thanks goes out to my cuz DJIK and port20 whose help was invaluable to me on this project.

    here are the specs:

    AMD Athlon XP mobile 1700+ CPU
    ASrock K7S41GX microATX mobo
    256 ddr pc 2700 RAM
    160gb 3'5 Maxtor hdd
    5'25 DVD-RW drive (tray load)

    tview 7'' touchscreen

    OPUS 150w

    2000w lanzar amp
    12'' Audiobahn sub 1100w
    350w MTX 2150x Thunder amp
    stock speakers
    mobo's integrated audio

    GPS reciever (
    Linksys WUSB54G wifi usb adaptor
    slim usb keyboard
    microsoft laptop wireless laser mouse

    escort 8500 radar detector


    Unfortunately i didnt take any pictures throughout the install but only the finished product. I was running my mobo attached to my spare tire w/ velcro straps until i upgraded:

    I took out the old false floor which was just a carpeted peice of cardboard and redid it w/ mdf wood.

    then i divided that huge piece of wood into four segments w/ the middle segment for the PC.

    Attached a mdf box under the middle segment where the car pc will rest. this box sits snuggle in my spare tire (had to grind it quite a bit so itll fit).

    the sub sits in a ported subbox w/ a custom trim panel around it (hope you guys like the panel took me forever to make and still isnt quite right).

    As for the screen i attached an abs frame to the center console w/ abs cement. then i bondoed in the spaces.

    What sets my screen apart from most of the screens i see here is that i upholstered it in suade rather then painting it since i didnt want to risk the paint eventually cracking. didnt come out too bad. the only problem w/ the suade is that it can get stains.

    i shorted the power button of the tview and attached a relay to it from the hdd 12v line. i know this means that my power button is being pressed the whole time the monitor is on but it seems to work fine.

    HERES the pix

    The trunk install: custom floor and custom trim panel

    The Computer

    At Night: (1 blue ccfl + lit fan + lit ide cable)

    The Screen:


    Sorry if some of the pix are repetitive. I really enjoyed building this and learned tons just be spending hours on these forums. The show off your project forum in particular was very inspirational and im very glad i can finally add to it.

    04 Corolla CARPC

    Progress: 95% done (its never done)

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    Kill switch for the OPUS


    Amps (attached to the sub box behind the trim panel)

    Keyboard, USB extension:

    Wireless Mouse

    Radar Detector

    Left panel-
    top LED-alarm
    middle button- escort mute button
    bottom LED- escort radar alert LED
    Right panel-
    top LED - pc power on LED
    bottom black button- power button for pc (wired in parellel w/ opus)

    Removal of middle panel to access DVD-RW and wiring:

    04 Corolla CARPC

    Progress: 95% done (its never done)


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      Well now that i got a barebones system im happy with, i've already started planning how next to spend my next large sum of cash (warning: may be very long in coming)

      1. power windows/doors
      its pretty hysterical i have a computer in my car but still have to roll my windows down :-)

      2. optima yellowtop - it sure would be nice being able to watch a dvd w/o/ having to worry about a dead battery

      3. car2pc interface w/ aftermarket headunit- i hate the startup. even thougn its from hibernate it takes me a good 35-45 seconds. my school is 2 minutes away. you do the math. some immediate music would be nice. doing some research now and considering leaving pc in s3 standby mode. will post more later.

      4. better GPS takes forever to lockon. want to upgrade to sirf III.
      NOTE::: my gps is right under the wifi (under the plastic), havnt tried it yet but could it be that the wifi transmitter is deluding the gps signal

      5. XP lite. currently running normal xp.

      6. Medal of Honor Allied Assualt. wats a pc w/o/ video games

      7. rearview camera

      8. obdII

      9. BLUETOOTH ( just need bluetooth phone)

      10. and most important::: free unlimited internet off t-mobile cell phone. got it too work on labtop but then phone went haywire and pc wont even detect it. gonna replace phone and then get internet newhere!!!
      04 Corolla CARPC

      Progress: 95% done (its never done)


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        That is an awsome boot installation romanman69. I gotta me some of that cool blue light.
        Carputer Haiku (thanks Ian Hughes)
        Serious error.
        All shortcuts have disappeared.
        Screen. Mind. Both are blank.


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          hope you won't have to get the spare out on a dark rainy night! could end up with some ruined wiring with that routing!




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            Nice, Very Nice
            The road is long but we are getting there.


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              thanks guys.

              MrJamieR: yeah that logysis ccfl really makes the install. looks great at night. im considering adding another one behind the trim panel.

              As for the spare tire, before this i had the mobo strapped to it w/ velcro. this may not be ideal but its wayyyy better then what it was before, and id say pretty managable
              04 Corolla CARPC

              Progress: 95% done (its never done)



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                Thanks for the kudos cousin. I hope this project works out well for you.
                Don't forget to let me know when you need the Bluetooth dongle and the CCFLs.
                Oh yeah, and you owe me like $4.

                Here's the subwoofer box build thread. Some of you have probably forgotten about it or never put the two together.
                For Sale: Carputer (CarPC) & RCA Y-Adapter
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                Up Next: Make an OBD to Serial cable & Redo the "MMI buttons"


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                  how did you make it fit under the tyre? what type of ox did you use, or did you fab one up yourself.


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                    making it fit was a challenge. i used 3/4in mdf to make the box. i took measurements to center the box right above the tire. however even with the measuements the box's corners were still preventing it from going into the ire properly. to fix that i just got a air-powered grinder and started rounding off the corners until it fit.

                    wats an ox?
                    04 Corolla CARPC

                    Progress: 95% done (its never done)



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                      lol, i meant box, sometimes (like now) the b button sticks.
                      it looks really good,
                      i like the idea, and i am thinking of doing it to my car.
                      however i find myself in your situation whereby the spare wheel is not in the centre (which amazes me as my car is front wheel drive) as my car does not have a diff, so i cant figure out what is preventing the manufactures of my car to put the spare wheel dead centre of the car. strange.
                      anyway, i think it looks really good, except the cut marks for the carpet, i think i will go seemless and take the carpet all the way to the sides, and mount my cd/dvd drive in the front. That way I will not have to lift up the carpet much.

                      what size rims do you have, currently i have 15" rims which only gives me 15" worth of space to deal with, fortunatly i am looking at moving to 18" rims which gives me a little more space.


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                        Wow... Very clean install. Nice Rolla.


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                          hmmm, nice install, would that sub have any adverse affect on the PC sitting that close though? either magnetic or by vibration? And did you FLOCK that bezel? it looks... interesting....


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                            wow, not bad for a first install + fabrication. i am so impatient that i would not even try to create a new bezel for the screen - i would totally ******* duct tape it onto my dash.

                            it doesn't look factory? **** you!!!

                            sorry - back to earth - nice install ;]
                            - sh00k
                            Duct tape and a Bandana for the win, b!shes!!!

                            My Setup:

                            Cost so far: Less than a grand ;]

                            Economy/Commuter cars + Computers = many entertained miles


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                              Looks good, I didnt see this one before for some reason.
                              Mike M
                              2006 Accord VP Sedan

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