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2000 Dodge intrepid ES and Apple

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  • 2000 Dodge intrepid ES and Apple

    I have been building a car computer from a old desktop (APPLE G4 Digital Audio) system.

    -=tinside the computer case=-
    M2-atx power supply with the atx mod for apple
    G4 Digital Audio logicboard with a 733MHz CPU
    1.25GB of am
    Bluetooth USB dongle
    two USB 2.0 PCI cards (one is 4 pot and the other is 5 port.)
    ATI Raedon 7000 AGP with 64MB vRam
    two 20GB laptop hard drives with 44pin to 40pin adapters
    Voltage gauge to check power supply is getting the correct voltage
    Clear ATX case modded to logicboard mount specs
    GPS (classified!)

    -=dash and misc=-
    7inch motorized touch screen in dash
    4 port USB 2.0 hub in dash
    Pioneer DVD-120S 16X IDE DVD ROM Drive (Slot Load) converted to firewire and also is in the dash
    BOSS ch350 4-channel 400watt amp with Pioneer and Infinity speakers

    Mac OS X 10.4.6
    iLife 06

    I'm in the progress of making a podcast and will air in April. Can't say what website will be hosting it but it will be hot.
    To live is to let die.

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    To live is to let die.


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      Hi TCPMeta looks good, nice to see somebody else doing the carputer thing in jax


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        Thanks xgs, Good to know that im not the only one.
        To live is to let die.


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          Well my system is way too slow for GPS use and other things for my project so I bought a Mac Mini. I'm going to dual boot it with OS X and Windows XP.
          To live is to let die.


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            Looks great in the dash. The plastic case looks cool too.
            Mike M
            2006 Accord VP Sedan

            My worklog


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              Well I have had major problems. The Macmini died and now im stuck using a PC.

              -= Hardware =-
              Soyo P4VGA motherboard
              Intel Celeron 2.4GHz
              1GB ram
              30GB hard drive
              8x DVD drive
              M2-ATX Power Supply
              GlobalSat GPS (USB)

              Same motorized LCD in dash
              Super 10inch LCD (In back seat)
              Sceptre 19inch LCD (Trunk)

              -= Audio =-
              Same Amp
              Pioneer 3 ways all round
              Pioneer sub in trunk

              -= Software =-
              Windows XP Embedded (My own build)
              Central Fuse

              To live is to let die.