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My Toyota Innova CarPC in New Delhi, India

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  • My Toyota Innova CarPC in New Delhi, India

    Hi all,
    First i would like to thank the people who started this website for the invaluable information it contains and then to all the lovely people whos brains i picked during the research phase of my project.

    I finally have a working car pc and i am damn happy to show it to you all. First the specs :

    Via EPIA EN15000 montherboard/C7 cpu
    1 GB DDR Ram
    40GB HDD
    Opus mini case with 120W PSU
    Opus 90W PSU for peripherals
    7" Xenarc TS
    ccStick Audi MMI controller
    Reverse camera and sensor with video overlay on the screen
    SB Audigy 2 NX soundcard
    Belkin BT dongle
    Belkin 7 port USB hub
    HQCT FM Tuner
    USB GPS receiver
    Elmscan 5 OBD II scanner
    Mini KB and Mouse
    Slot loading Pioneer DVDR
    Linksys USB Wifi adapter
    Windows XP nlited

    Audison SRx 5 Amp
    ESK 165 components in the front
    ECH 165 coaxials in the rear
    ES 380 15" sub in a ported box

    Obviously its probably never going to be finished but i love what i have so far.

    Here is what the finished product looks like :

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    This is what it looked like before :
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      Great screen install ankur. How about some photos of the rest of system?
      Carputer Haiku (thanks Ian Hughes)
      Serious error.
      All shortcuts have disappeared.
      Screen. Mind. Both are blank.


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        Thanks, you kinda caught me in the middle of my postings :

        USB ports mounted up front with a switch for the PC

        The ccStick MMI controller

        Enclosure where all the peripherals are located

        The PC case which is mounted under the front passenger seat. My friend there probably stress testing the case


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          good work bud! i like it


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            The amp, its under the driver seat

            The sub, in its box

            Tweeters mounted in the stock door location

            Front speakers in the stock location as well


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              Better shot of the PC case where its mounted on velcro strips for easy removal

              Tsunami main power cable

              Power distribution to Monster wiring

              90W Opus behind the screen in the dash

              Reverse cam is mounted in the brake lamp


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                Changed the car illumination to RED to match the ccstick


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                  The screen in operation - Sorry these pics are bad, will take better ones.


                  CF as the shell

                  The home screen


                  Overall night view


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                    Sorry to have interupted ankur. That is a fantastic install. Obviously well thought out and really well executed. Did you do all the fabrication yourself? (I love that ccStick)
                    Carputer Haiku (thanks Ian Hughes)
                    Serious error.
                    All shortcuts have disappeared.
                    Screen. Mind. Both are blank.


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                      I did almost all the fabrication myself, just gave the screen to a painter for painting. For the final install, took help from some fellow enthusiasts.

                      Here are some fab pictures :


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                        Very impressive indeed.
                        Looks like it came straight from the factory.
                        Really like those up front USB's - very professional looking.


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                          Hi ankur wow great install!


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                            Hey ankur dude.. nice install... i think i saw part of your system on teambhp too right.. ?
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                            Alive and kicking !!!! :D


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                              That is very sweet. I guess planning makes all the difference. it's obvious your project was well thought out!