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  • Celica GT 4 WRC

    Hi guys, just thought i would show off some of my install pics in my celica GT4 WRC.
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    Awesome car man, I LOVE GT4's, I have an ST185 CS myself

    Install looks very neat too, I'm planning to get rid of my flip out screen and do what you've done there.
    *ST185 Celica GT-Four Group A Rallye (Alltrac Carlos Sainz edition)*


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      Thanks, CS are damn nice motors too, the install wasnt too bad to be honest, only thing i had a faff with was i had to open the screen up and cut the case down to get it to rest over the heater controlls. Even that wasnt too bad to be honest.


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        Looks like a really good fit. Love those cars too.

        Where did you mount the CPU?
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          Im using a laptop for a cpu and its mounted in the boot at the moment. When i get chance i will finish that part of the install and post the pics. The boot space on the GT4 is great for these installs though as between the seats and the boot there is a recess im hiding my invertor, amp and power realy in.