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99 Maxima install

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  • 99 Maxima install

    OMFG was it a pain!

    First off one of the screws holding the center console decided to go AWOL; thank God my dad keeps lots of random screws and one fit in...

    Next - ******* lilliput ****ed up their wiring; they labeled the 12V line as ground, and ground as 12V. So when we connected the screen as per instructions; the cap in the power filter burst; we quickly found the shens, redid the wires and amazingly enough the filter worked and all is well. I am freakin stoked - I still need to reconfigure the sound since it sounds sorta iffy for me; but some initial tinkering seemed to make it work fine. GPS works; OBD2 needs to be set up properly - but most importantly - everything is working!!!!


    Crappy wiring... yeah....

    Distribution block in action!

    Everything tucked in and arranged!

    How the center console looked before:

    Vents and shifter knob off! Was easy to take off:

    Enter center console off - quite a mess:

    My friend Chris like sot get jiggy with the console ^_^

    All cleaned up and nice ^_^

    The new look of the center console:

    Centrafuse front end:


    That's pretty much! Fire away your questions!

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    Looks good man. Did that just fit a factory hole or did you have to do some cutting.
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      Originally posted by mwmcginn View Post
      Looks good man. Did that just fit a factory hole or did you have to do some cutting.
      Straight drop in. The metal brace that hold the deck and the cubbys is a perfect fit


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        Nice install!!


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            How did you get Centrafuse to display ur local map


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              How did you get iguidance to work with centrafuge?


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                If you guys read the Centrafuse forum, there is a plugin floating around that integrates iGuidance 3.0 into Centrafuse.


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                  nice work man kinda reminds me of my maxima install.
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                    hey i really like the setup. this is my first post. i have a 97 maxima and i want to do something very similar. did you use the lilliput screen that was already in a double-din housing?

                    if not, then how did you actually secure the screen?

                    i am kind of in a dilemma. i want to put this in my maxima now, but i am probably going to get a new car in about a year (an acura TL). everyone that has made a carPC in a TL has mainly used the xenarc screen. so... would the xenarc screen also fit in the maxima (with minimal modification... so that i can put it back to how it is now before i sell the car)?

                    any help would be appreciated. thanks!



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                      sweet install guessing its a 7inch right... My cuz did the same thing... I beleive u really need to custom fab. to get the screen to fit... Nice job bro


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                        Nice Job , How did you increase the size of the font in iGuidance , Yours looks so much bolder


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                          Can you post the model of your lilliput model and confirm wether nor not the lcd was custom finish or did it fit perfectly in the factory bezel.


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                            how much did this cost you to do?


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                              nice install, does your sub float around in your trunk, or is it secured somehow? Looks a little out of place where it is. Good job!
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