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1997 Ford Thunderbird Carputer

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  • 1997 Ford Thunderbird Carputer


    This is my setup for now.

    Dell 600m laptop
    1.8 GHZ Intel Pentium M processor.
    768 MB RAM
    64MB Radeon 9000 video card.
    80GB HD 5400 RPM
    Microsoft GPS Reciever (Its actually a Pharos but it came with streets and trips 2007)
    7" Lillput touch screen (Mounted over the AC Duct on the dash)
    1 4port usb hub.
    1 DC to AC power inverter 140 Watts
    1 mini USB keyboard.
    1 mini USB optical mouse

    I mounted two usb ports into the front of the car one next to the shifter the other into the glove box.
    I also placed the 4 port USB hub in between the rear seats where the arm rest is.

    For now I am using an Antec laptop cooler pad on the rear deck where I place the laptop. I have been running into a few thermal problems during the day because the sun just beats down on the laptop. I have been placing a nice long piece of paper of it to help reflect some of the heat. I will be making a new laptop cooler out of some old side panels and some 80mm fans.

    Just wanted to let everyone know why i choose to do it this way.
    I live in Brooklyn. I do not want to leave anything in the car of value so I made sure everything leaves with me. I only use it when I am going on a long trip or i don't know where i'm going.

    My lillput screen is quickly mountable / removable with the power wire cable run behind the dash board to just have the connector sticking out with a couple inches of room to connect / disconnect the power.

    All of the wires are hidden for the most part. I only leave my AC/DC inverter in the car. Its on the driver side of the center console its near my right knee.

    I have the DC/AC converter hooked up through the cigarette lighter for now. Actually its plugged into a 3 way splitter. I need to run it directly to the battery with a fuse. (I'm not very good with car power so until i can get it done properly I use it this way)

    I have the power cable and USB cables all neatley bound together. I used a lot of Anti-Static bags (come with mainboards, HD's) wrapped around the wires then they are all wrapped with electrical tape to prevent water or junk from damaging them. They run by the side of the drivers seat down to the floorboard and on the top of the bump in the center of the car under the rear seats into the trunk then up to the rear deck. I have all the extra slack of the cables in the trunk all tied up with wire ties and electrical tape. Also running into the trunk i have an extension cord with 3 inputs I am only using 1 for the laptop's power supply. I leave the laptop power supply in the car. (I bought an extra one just for this)

    Basically when I am going to use my laptop in my car this is what i have to do.
    1. Plug my laptop in - power, 2xUSB and fm transmitter and vga cable.
    2. Plug in my Lilput screen and connect power and data cable.
    3. Plug in the 3-way Cig lighter adapter
    4. Plug in the DC/AC converter, FM transmitter power, Lillput power.

    Thats it for power up. It takes about 2 min for me to hook everything up.

    The GPS receiver and USB keyboard are also plugged into USB ports in the front of the car. I will perm mount the GPS when I get a chance.

    I usually use streets and trips 2007 for nav. I also use Iguidance.

    I need to get a new radio which has RCA inputs.

    I don't have any pics yet but I will post them soon.