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1995 Mazda MX-3 .... 8" Touchscreen in-dash

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  • 1995 Mazda MX-3 .... 8" Touchscreen in-dash

    This is my first attempt at installing a carputer. I have been researching it for quite a while and now I am finally going forward with it

    First off here is what I am going to be working with

    8" Dynamix touchscreen monitor - $182.50
    Dell sx270 SFF - $149.99
    M2-ATC 160w DC-DC Power Supply - $74.95

    Total = $407.44

    All of those were ordered today and are on the way.

    I have measured my dash and compared it to the size of the screen and it should just fit in my double-din slot with very little to no cutting.

    Hopefully I will receive all of my parts by friday so I can begin installation this weekend.

    **In Progress**

    Currently I am making a custom fiberglass enclosure so my 10" PG Xenon sub will be nicely tucked away in my trunk so I will retain a functional trunk.

    Pics soon to come.

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    My computer came in yesterday so I got mostly everything installed and setup. I was really anxious to install it but I soon realized that it was 3am so that was a no go, lol.

    As for today, I began to tackle the power supply situation. What I decided to do was take the AC-DC adapter that came with the dell and use that case to hold my M2-ATX PS. The adapter casing ended up being the exact size of the M2-ATX. I simply cut the wires from the original unit (Power cable from wall and power to PC). I then went ahead a soldered all of the wires together for the battery and ignition and then just plugged the stripped wires into the MOLEX connection and crimped and taped those together.

    It was now time to test it out see if it worked. I hooked it up to my battery, plugged in the battery and to my amazement, I didn't mess anything up HAHA.

    So I came back inside and wired the LCD into the other MOLEX connector and tested again. SUCCESS! The carputer was now up and running for the first time in my car!

    As of right now, the computer is under my passenger seat with all of the wires already ran. My LCD is just sitting in my ash tray under my radio until I pull that out and mold it into the dash. Also all of the wires shown will be hidden then.

    Here are a couple pictures of how it looks right now.


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      Here is my semi final product! I have everything installed and functional. I just have to do a little bit of wire management and replace my orion amp with a smaller one. I'm not sure why most of the pictures came out blurry, but you can still get the idea of how it turned out.

      This is my first attempt at doing any of this so I am very happy with the result! I think the bezel turned out great, and looks very close to a factory install in my opinion

      I'm not sure where I am going to install the computer permanently. Right now it is just hiding under my passenger seat. My Cadence amplifier is nicely mounted under the drivers seat and is not visible even with the seat moved forward.

      Also, the blackjack is for my mobile internet. Gotta love 3G
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