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  • 2002 VW Jetta 1.8T

    MODS PLEASE MOVE. I thought I was posting in Worklogs but I guess not.

    Well after two years of lurking on this forum I can finally begin my worklog. I received the final essential pieces to my setup today from the MP3Car Store. The biggest reason for me to build this CarPC is because I have such a large music collection. I love my music and I love the idea of having all of it with me wherever I drive. I know there are other alternatives such as an iPod or some other MP3 player but they are just not as "cool" or unique as a CarPC.

    So to start off my worklog, below are some pictures and a list of the stuff I have and the stuff I still need to buy. I have almost everything except for a couple of small things that I should be buying in a couple of days.

    Items I Have:
    • Old Gateway 310 Series
    • Lilliput 8" TS Widescreen
    • DSATX 220 w/ Brain Stem
    • BU-353 GPS Receiver
    • AudioControl Three.1 In-Dash EQ
    • 0AWG Knukonceptz Power Wire
    • 8AWG Knukonceptz Power Wire
    • Knukonceptz In-Line ANL Fuse Holder w/ Fuse
    • Knukonceptz RCA Wires
    • Spare OEM Radio Cage

    Items I Still Need:
    • Fused Distribution Block
    • Dynatron & 3M Automix
    • Other misc. fabrication items (i.e. sand paper, primer, paint, etc.)

    Most of the stuff I've purchased - 01:

    Most of the stuff I've purchased - 02:

    Fabrication: My plan is to mold the Lilli into the radio cage. I'm going for the factory look.
    Computer: The Gateway will run on WinXP w/ SP2. The Gateway currently has 256MB of RAM but I plan to upgrade it to 1Gig. It also has a 60GB hard drive which should suffice for now for all my music.
    Audio: I will be using the on-board sound card for now. The output will be connected directly to the AudioControl Three.1 EQ. input. The AudioControl will act as my main volume controller and also allow for tweaking of the sound. The AudioControl outputs directly to the amp for the sub and the speakers via the Knukonceptz RCAs. The EQ will also be fabricated into the radio cage.
    Internet: My internet will come from my Nokia 6260 using Nokia's PC Suite Software. I'm with Cingular BTW. I've been testing this with my laptop and it has worked great. The speeds have been very reasonable.
    FE & Software: I will most likely be using Centrafuse as my frontend with the iGuidance plug-in.
    Power: The Knukonceptz power wire will be used to upgrade my current power setup. The 0AWG will be connected to a fused distro block where it will separate to my amp (4AWG) and the DSATX (8AWG).

    Check out my album for more pictures

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    cant wait till i get to this point! good luck and keep us posted!
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    In trouble...


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      Overdue Update

      I guess this never got moved to the Worklog section. If a mod is reading this please move. Thanks!

      I started this project near the end of my semester so I was working on it on and off. Here is a timeline of the things I have changed and finished.

      Updated Hardware:
      -VIA CN13000G
      -512MB RAM
      -160GB HD
      -Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Roadie

      April 2-27: My first attempt at my bezel. This took me almost a month to complete and I basically wasted my time. After installing it in my car I found out that I had angled it so much that I couldn't see part of the top screen. I don't know why I didn't even think about that, but lesson learned and I am now re-working it. Hear are some progress pics of "Bezel No. 1"

      02' JETTA 1.8T | WORKLOG ALBUM


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        Overdue Updated (continued)

        May 14-18: After seeing a post here of a NES PC case I was inspired. I remembered that I had a broken PS2 in my closet so I took it apart to see if I could fit my MB, HD, and DSATX. The inside of the case required a little dremeling but all the components fit pretty well.

        May 26: I wired up the power for my monitor to the computer and did some wire organization. I also started on the new "Bezel No. 2".

        02' JETTA 1.8T | WORKLOG ALBUM


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          Clever idea to put it into a ps2!


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            thats cool how you use a old ps2 hows it work for you dose it stay cool


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              Originally posted by TomParker69 View Post
              Clever idea to put it into a ps2!
              Thanks! I actually got the idea when I saw someone here with a Nintendo case.

              Originally posted by td_civ View Post
              thats cool how you use a old ps2 hows it work for you dose it stay cool
              So far it's worked great. It's nice a small so it doesn't take up any room in my trunk. I've been running it in the PS2 case for about 2 weeks only but I haven't had any cooling problems.
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                Update: Completed Bezel

                I finished the bezel last Saturday and installed it on Sunday. Unfortunately though my HD had died. I'm not exactly sure why but it just stop spinning. I swapped it out with a 80GB IDE HD I had lying around but it seems it runs a lot hotter than the previous one. The Florida heat and the heat from the HD caused my DSATX to shutdown occasionally. I moved the HD outside the case and so far it's been good. Here are some pics of the finished bezel installed and some screenshots.

                02' JETTA 1.8T | WORKLOG ALBUM