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  • My Honda HRV CarPC

    Well I thought I should finally get round to posting some images of my completed project. Not looking to "show this off" more just give some ideas to anyone else with the same car as I dont think I have seen another HRV on here.

    OK, so here is the Lilli 7" monunted in to the dash. I included a before and after.

    Here is a pic of the PC in custom case under the floor in the boot.

    Last but not least, the amplification is done my a small Mutant amp under the passenger seat

    This pic was taken with the seat removed.

    I have quite few other pics taken during the install if anyone is interested. The screen bezel had to be custom made to fit into the whole left by the old head unit and clock.

    Sorry I dont have a picture of it running. Since it has been installed and working, I have been too busy playing with it.

    Well that is it, not much compared to some threads, but just wanted to perhaps help anyone else with the same car.

    Car PC install pictures coming soon:

    A.C. AutoLec -

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    I love how clean that looks. Have you considered paint matching the bezel? Did you encounter any problems during install?


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      Thanks. I did consider paint matching and also respraying the whole facia and bezel in silver.

      I ruled out the spraying of the whole thing as I was concerned about the results. There are a lot of very tricky angles, curves and recesses, and I though I may end up with runs and all sorts. It is also strange in construction as the silver bit is an opptional extra that is just stuck over the top of the standard centre trim.

      I toyed with paint matching, but decided that I wanted the bezel in a textured black finish. There are other areas of textured black plastic below it and it works well with that. It looks like more of a feature, but not out of place if that makes sence. Having looked a hundreds of install photos, I decided I prefered the screens that are not just rectangular holes in the dash. The black bezel gives a nice feeling depth to the screen.

      The main problems I encountered were:

      1. The NEW Lilliput touch screen function did not work after reassembly. I resoldered all the connections and luckily that fixed it.

      2. Problems with screen bezel touching the screen and sending the touch input way off. Fixed by sticking thin strips (1mm) of selfhesive velcro (fluffy side) all the way round the edge to create a nice soft surface.

      3. I purchased a small voltage regulator to maintain 12v to the screen. I bolted this the dash frame with cpu heat compound, but it was overheating when the heater was on in the car. Fixed by unbolting and attaching to a large heatsink.

      4. Remote wire from M2-ATX PSU was not enough to turn my amp on, only my active sub. Just powered of Ign, get a small pop, but not enough to bother me.

      5. I had plenty of annoying software problems getting OS functioning correctly and then CF working properly, oh and ******* Bluetooth dongles and drivers. But got there in the end and learnt a lot along the way.
      Car PC install pictures coming soon:

      A.C. AutoLec -


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        HRV Carputer

        That is a neat install you have did, I also have a Honda HRV that i would like to install a carputer. Iam in the process of gathering parts rite now. I would like to ask you couple of questions. How did you power up your cpu and the LCD, did you use fuse in the wiring ? It would be great if you could post some photos of the installation process if possible .

        Did you find problems after installing the carpc to your HRV ?

        Thanks in advance