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  • My build

    Ok just started on this last month and it seems to be going along nicely.

    The car is a 93 Toyota celica.

    so far I have a
    JetWay PT88BS LGA 775 VIA PT880 ATX Intel Motherboard, 512mb wintec ram, 30gb 2.5" HDD, and MCS case from Ebay that I customized to fit my needs. Here are the pics. I was going to install this weekend but it seems my Idea with the slot load was a mistake (not enough clearance in the car for the location I wanted so now I have to mount it remotley.

    Here are the pics
    M1-atx for power

    Gut shot

    I added 2 more USB ports to the case (still have 3 8 pin on the mobo free)
    Also you can see the Molex connection for my power and amp turn on out.


    gotta have a screen

    and a Keyboard

    Tinyxp is the operating system with RR

    Man I love this skin!

    Radio is a must have so I think you guys making the SILABS work... Your my heroes!

    This was my plan for the screen mount but the slot load was too deep... Good thing I caught it before I started glassing it in... lol

    What do you all think?
    I need to order a new trim ring since I ground this one so much without checking if it would fit...

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    sorry I mis posted this, can a mod move to the work log thread? Thanks