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Nissan Almera N15 project

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  • Nissan Almera N15 project

    My project in the Nissan Almera N15 is nearly complete.

    First of all, the components:
    • TFT: CETEXX 8" TFT Touchscreen
    • CPU: Sempron 3000+ Sockel 754
    • Mainboard: ASUS K8V-MX
    • Tower: LC-Power 2019MB Mini-Tower µATX black
    • Ram: 512 MB DDR MDT
    • Sound: Audigy 2 ZS @ Audigy 4
    • HDD: Hitachi DK23CA 20 GB 2,5"
    • DVD: TEAC DV-W28E Slim in RaidSonic Icy Box IB-540U-B-BL, 5.25" Slimline
    • Power: M2-ATX
    • GPS: Holux Gr-213
    • Wlan: LevelOne WNC-0500 Mimo Wireless Lan
    • Internet: via SE T610 GPRS
    • Radio: Silabs USB Radio
    • Antenna: Bosch Autofunk 12v pane antenna
    • Accessories: Active 4 Port USB Hub, MSI Bluetooth Stick
    • Software: Centrafuse

    Hifi components:
    • FS: Powerbass PB CK6
    • RS: Hertz DCX 165
    • Sub: Boa/Dietz BK 300
    • FS/RS Amp: Lightning Audio Bolt 4.400
    • Sub Amp: Sinuslive 1502

    The PC is fitted in the spare wheel place and is screwed with the boot ground. The system works very good, no problems on bad streets even with sport suspension.

    Ready fitted in the Car:

    The touchscreen embedded in the middle console:

    DVD device is in the middle console also. An optional USB port is integrated as well.

    Now some pics from the Car:

    Any comments and offers are welcome.