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1997 Toyota 4XBMCRunner

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  • 1997 Toyota 4XBMCRunner

    Been working on this for about a year off and on now. Hard to say a projects finished if you keep adding to it....

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    very nice!

    im starting a screen fab tomorrow, ill be posting here and over at which is a really great site for toyota 4runners if you are interested.

    where is your pc located? any more pics?

    check the link in my sig for all my pictures!
    1998 Toyota 4Runner SR5 V6 4x4 in Evergreen Pearl Metallic, Lifted, Locked, and Armored. CarPc in custom console with molded touchscreen.
    Photobucket is being updated, if a picture i posted no longer works, please PM me.


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      this is the most vague completed install.... where are the rest of the pics... where's the xbox? what else do you have done?


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        They're coming, my thread had to be reviewed by admins before I could post anymore pics I guess... The rest of the pics are coming tonight. Xbox is in the glove box.


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          2006 Mazda 3
          Behringer DCX-2496
          JL300/4 Focal 6W4311B Focal TN52
          JL500/1 JL10w6v2


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            Xbox IND Bios (w/ DVD check removed)

            Xbox Hardware in glovebox

            Xbox secured w/ key!


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              PSU, controller ports 3 and 4 w/ two USB cables run thru dash, fan, power/eject board tucked under MB (power button shorted to get power as soon as DC to AC converted is turned on)

              Motherboard with 200GB HD, controller ports w/ dual wireless controllers tucked underneath.

              Gotta love those T3CH builds!


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                DVD storage, 2GB Sandisk thumbdrive for adding music and such, Mustek MPEG/MP3/voice recorder/6MP camera, glimpse of battery charger.

                Thumbdrive being plugged in and recognized.

                Thumbdrive shown in filemanager.


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                  Switch to turn on Inverter (powers up xbox) and camera.

                  USB for camera (just tucks up under the console when not in use)

                  Second memory unit mounted (camera 1G SD card)


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                    Just more pics and a closeup of the battery charger. AA and AAA
                    No dead camera or wireless controller batteries!


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                      Music and movies. Xbox scans mucis folder and plays random on startup. Approx. 40 seconds. Gets longer as I've added music. Using Clearity XBMC skin w/ changing backgrounds that I set and after 30 seconds of inactivity, the "Now Playing" info is displayed w/ random visualizations in background.


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                        Xbox games (all of which I own) and tons of emulators (most of which I'm sure I owned at one time)

                        I didn't get any pictues of the Blaupunkt head unit, just mounted under the passenger seat. Also, the inverted, located under the hood (the fan was annoying) The switch in the dash is run to the inverter.

                        Also put some cupholders in today! The original ones sucked and aren't available anyway when the screen is out. I'm an outdoorsman too, so my GPS is a handheld Garmin Etrex Vista. I need to get a mount for the dash, right now I just use velcro and kinda wedge it against the glass, but it works fine. Also I'm thinking about putting in a wireless G bridge adaptor near the glovebox somewhere for access from the house.


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                          Quick question for you, how do you set up the random play list in XBMC with the music in the library... also what program are you running? are you using a controller or the Touchscreen? How are you making the XBox recognize the thumb drive?


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                            Do you mean what skin am I using? Search for Clearity. It's new and the best thing I've seen for smaller screens. I use a python script to search a directory for all music files and then play them random. This site should help you to get a USB thumbdrive that works. I use a mini wireless remote. I rarely need it due to the automatic music startup, mainly just to work on the xbox with.


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                              mmm, fair enough, i'm using a wireless xbox controller and it doesn't exactly bother me, but most people don't know the controls so it's aggravating trying to explain, but then again... it's my car, not theirs

                              Oh, and i already checked clearity and everything, only problem is my xbmc version is older ;x i don't exactly even know how to check the version number through XBMC. Plus i have it as auto boot to XBMC so i can't even install the new one and re-name/make it the standard XBMC... bleh.