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2003 350Z Install

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  • 2003 350Z Install

    Well I just finished up my project this weekend and let me say i could never have done it without this site. My goal was to keep everything as stock as possible and keep drilling and cutting to a minimum. This is the first install I have ever done. I have a pretty decent knowledge of computers and some knowledge about cars so I didn't want to get in over my head. Here's what I installed

    VIA EPIA M10000
    512MB ram
    3.5in 80 gig drive
    120w opus
    slim combo drive (DVD/CD-RW)
    4 port usb hub
    Lilliput 629 7in touch screen

    Pretty standard run of the mill carputer stuff but again I was trying to keep it simple. I couldn't be happier with the results!

    Here's where I ran a line in through my stock head unit.

    I had to pull the casing off of the lilliput to fit it into the stock nav location

    Testing everything before I run wires.

    The box I made housing my computer, power supply and hard drive before I bolted it down.

    All done!

    I have a bunch more pictures @
    Thanks to everyone in this community for sharing your insight and projects!

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    nice, I like the computer case. Honstly like it better then the ones where people put it in the compartment behind the driver, never did like those installs too much

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    Behringer DCX-2496
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