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2001 Corvette Project

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  • 2001 Corvette Project

    Well this is my first post on the board.. but trust me, I have been on here reading ALOT!! I have to say thanks to Scott_fx and Cali for answering a lot of questions for me. Since both of them had done installs in a vette they were a wealth of knowledge.

    Hardware Specs:

    The PC
    1.3Ghz CPU
    512mb ram
    80g hard drive
    VoomPC2 case
    Xenarc 700TSV monitor w/ headrest shroud molded into the dash
    Microsoft GPS receiver (came with MS Streets and Trip that I decided not to use)
    XMDirect box w/ serial to USB converter box
    2 x 4-port USB hubs (one in the front, one in the back)

    Roadrunner frontend
    iGuidance 3.0 GPS software

    Pioneer Premier TS-C720PRS components in the door
    JL Audio 10w3v3 sub
    Hifonics Zeus 6406 Amp
    Homemade door speaker mounts (getting rebuilt)
    Homemade sub box (getting rebuilt)
    Knukonceptz wires and distro blocks

    I did a worklog on my own website, I will likely put together a post on it and post it in the worklog forum here. But for now here is the finished product.. or I should call this 95% finished. As stated before I am still going to rebuild the sub box. It was supposed to be a stealth box, but that didnt work out right. Until I rebuild it I didnt bother covering it with carpet.

    Here you can see the USB hub up front, this allows me to hook up a thumb drive or keyboard if I need to.


    Here is where the XMDirect unit and back USB hub are located. You cant really see the XMDirect before of the shadow. I need to get another RCA cable, I didnt have another short one so I just used the 5m cable that came with my amp kit.

    Picture of the PC and sub.. I will take more pics of this once I redo the sub box.. I am also going to try to find a way to cover most of the wires going to the PC. I have some ideas on how, I just need to get around to doing it.

    I will have to take more pictures of the monitor turned on at night so you can see them better, but until then these should do.

    Main screen..



    What is still not shown above are the speakers in the doors and the deadening I did there. I plan on rebuilding the speaker mounts to angle them up some.. when I do that I will snap some pics of that and post them in this thread too.

    Until then, I hope you guys enjoy the pics.

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    looking good, lets see some exterior car pictures
    very clean monitor install btw
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      You know.. as sad as it is.. I have not really taken any good exterior pics. The car is due a good detailing soon... then I will take some shots and post them.


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        Hey man, Thanks for reffering me to this forum.. I'm Dvau11484 from hopefully not too much longer and I'll have my CarPC in my Vette. Great Setup again!!!


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          From what I see, good job.

          And as others said, how about some exterior shots too!
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            Originally posted by dvau11484 View Post
            Hey man, Thanks for reffering me to this forum.. I'm Dvau11484 from hopefully not too much longer and I'll have my CarPC in my Vette. Great Setup again!!!
            No prob.. this place is great for gathering info. I spent countless hours on here searching.