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Dodge Neon 2001 Carputer (updated with pics)

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  • Dodge Neon 2001 Carputer (updated with pics)

    About 1 year ago...... finally..... you can see my final work here:

    Thanks all mp3car staff, users, and people for do it posible. THANKS GUINO!!!

    I live in mexico city maybe im the only with carputer here.

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    Your carputer is awesome, love the video. Muy bueno patron.


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      Pics of my work

      My Actual system:

      Procesor: P4 2.2Ghz
      Mobo: Dell optiplex
      Power: M2atx
      GPS: generic usb
      Video: Lilliput
      Skin: Personal skin with RoadRunner
      RAM: 512
      Carputer Box: Custom in trunk (soon pictures)
      DVD: DVD /cd-rw USB in trunk for the moment
      HD: 120Gb SATA
      TV & Radio Tunner: WinTV Card, Logitech Webcam as reverse cam, Mouse and Keyboard wireless, Bluetooth, Wifii USB, Joypad Wireless.
      Internet: Wireless 512Mbps
      Audio: Soundstream Stereo with Amp JBL and Woofer 12'' Kicker.

      etc etc etc etc etc......

      Ok, here the pictures of my work:

      The car is dodge neon 2001 with bodykit airdesign and some things of SRT-4.

      Here is the car:

      Here is the original dash:

      My 2007 actual actual dash with primary paint:

      My Personal Skin:

      See youtube video:


      ******2005******* simple no vga screen with stereo with dvd

      In 2005 i dont have lilliput and i use standart screen..... for wash videos only, I start the work and here are my first mod to my dash in july of 2005:

      ******** 2006 january ********* lilliput and slow and old epia1000

      One year ago, in 2006 i buy lilliput on mp3car, and epia1000, and i restart the work, here the parts:

      I cut again my dash... and start the work for my lilliput, my old not vga screen are not 7''..... and i need start again with the work:

      This my first carputer box for my old and slow epia1000:

      There are the final 2006 dash work:

      ( I dont like my 2006 dash work.....)

      ******** 2007 january ********* renew my dash and fast dell p4 2.2 with FAST windows startup, and fast google earth
      Ok here are the final work, with primary paint.... maybe in this week i paint, a dont know if paint black or silver... if i paint silver i have fear of stolen my carputer.

      Soon i update pics of my new custon box and the final paint of my dash..............


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        I'm confused for paint of my dash...... if i paint silver as my car i get nice dash..... but i live in mexico city and i have fear of stolen my carputer.

        Or black......... but i spend many time and work for little details and with black paint i loss the details.


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          Better to not have it stolen so paint it black.


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            black looks better in your dash anyways, and it's less likely to get stolen.
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              YES, black is the color...... now i dont know if leave buttons or quit. they are useful but dont like... i dont know i dont know....


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                Nice fab , I would fill in the gab at the bottom to make it look more stock


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                  Originally posted by Super_dave View Post
                  Nice fab , I would fill in the gab at the bottom to make it look more stock
                  Yes.... but my climate controls are not electrical and they are very hard to relocate..


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                    New laws in mexico are not have lcd screen in cars... maybe i design some screen with car and fuctions same clock. doors, or some and i can say to the office man that the screen is stock with the car...... my carputer is now ilegaly