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BMW e39 540i navigation bezel mod.. almost DONE

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  • BMW e39 540i navigation bezel mod.. almost DONE

    Well here it is, after researching and checking out everyone elses carputer bezel for their bmw's here is mine.

    It was a fairly easy modification, however expensive. I bought a broken widescreen navigation screen from an 2001+ e39. After some, hmm, ALOT of cutting, splicing, bondo, fiberglass, sanding, primer and paint its all done. As you might know the stock widescreen isnt 7 inches, its more like 6. I didnt know this when I bought the stock unit, but all i really wanted were the buttons. There isnt quite enough space for a bigger display, I wish they made a double wide touchscreen, but they dont. I bought a lilliput 7" touchscreen via ebay for 200 bucks shipped. I built a plaster mold to mold the outside shape of the bezel, if anyone wants a blank let me know, i might be pursuaded to make another 1.

    I took apart my non navigation MID display to use the guts to control the buttons on the newer style navigation system I built. Each button, although not correctly labled yet, fully functions and can be programmed as a seperate function using the ibus interface. Even the stock LED's work, so I kept the stock appearance in the dark.

    The system isnt fully working yet, im still working on the trunk area, need to figure a cheap way to turn the power supply off and on with a timed relay as my funds for this system are rapidily depleting.

    anyways.. here are the few pictures I have.

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    Looking good
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      looking good indeed.

      As for power, you can use the car's timer. The internal lights supplu automatically goes on when you switch on the unlock button on your remote, and it switch off automatically after 15 mins or so of no activity. This is when the car goes to sleep. I've got this hooked to a relay that switches off the PC no matter what, as to eliminate flat batteries. I don't use it to switch on the carpc, I use the ignition for that. So ignition turns it on, and also turns it off, but if the pc gets stuck, then when the car goes to sleep it gets a hard off.

      I got a few flats you see, and on a V8 the battery is massive and it's not easy to jump start the car!

      Is that what you meant by timed relay? How are you powering the PC?

      keep up the good work!
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        I am just using a cheap 400w power supply not sure of the brand, ive used it for years powering my laptop in the car, it seems to power the HP micro desktop computer fine.

        Hmm the timed wire is a good idea..

        any idea where i can pick that wire up, color?? Does that wire stay hot while the car is running and in interior lights off? Does the wire come from the computer to a relay that switches the lights off once the ignition turns on? Im wondering how that exactly works. I would like to have the carputer to start booting when i hit the locks, that way it would be booted and ready to go when i got settled in the car.

        I was just going to build a timed circuit, or buy a timed relay. I havent used one in a project but they make timed relays that just basically a delay you can set with a dial on top. Or you could use a 555 timer chip to control an SSR. So i have a few options now, although that timed wire I could get that jump start and use a lesser delayed relay to turn it off.



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          you can pic up the wire from the rear reading lamp.can't remmeber the colour, but you can test to see which one is always live when you switch off the light.

          you'll need to shut down the computer manually though, unless you connect the ignition to the power switch. to do that, you'll need to wire up in such a way that the ignition going on has no effect, but going off it will send a pulse. you can do this with relays I'm sure (one relay triggers the next, which in turn triggers itself, thus causing a pulse).

          I'd consider getting a proper DC psu at some point though, inverters are known to be notorious, I'm sure you can find plenty of threads on here as to what that is.
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