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06 Civic Mod PC Install - Pics

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  • 06 Civic Mod PC Install - Pics

    First off, this is not really a carputer, I have modified my htpc/desktop PC for use in the car, so this would be way overkill for just a carputer. My goal was to make it a mutipurpose PC. I also wanted a stealthy install, so no modifications (or very little) would be visible.
    PC specs:

    Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
    Gigabyte GA-745GME-DS2 mAtx MB
    2 Gig Corsair Value Select PC25300 Dual Channel RAM
    Antec NSK2400 New Solution mATX desktop case
    Old Fujitsu 6.4 gig hd for now
    Intigrated Intel GMA950 graphics in the MB for now.
    My old TEAC CDRW drive

    Other Equipment
    Monitor - Lilliput EBY-701 7 inch wide screen
    Inverter - Motomaster 800W
    Cables - VGA extension cable,USB extension cables (A male to A female) 2, block heater cord, amp kit, PC power cable 10', audio cable 12' (need to get), ethernet patch cable 10'

    old ethernet laptop dongle, momentary switch and old pc panel for reset switch and LEDs

    The inside of the PC-

    Note the wires going to the end of a laptop dongle. I needed 8 wires to go to the control panel (for power,reset,HD LED and Power LED). An ethernet patch cable does the job nicely. Props to my buddy for the wiring job. If you decide to do this, be aware that the wires inside the dongle are very tiny.

    Also note the huge fans on the side of the case, one of the reasons that I got this case.

    Routing the wire inside the car

    The red hot wire is straight from the positive battery terminal, fused using an amp kit. My car had a hole in the firewall with a plug in it, so it was a snap to run the wire.

    I placed the inverter under the front seat. 800W is overkill, but I got a good deal on it. Plus it has overload and undervoltage protection etc. The 8th gen civics are a joy to work on, very easy to take apart. Just be very careful not to scuff or scratch the plastics, they scratch very easily.

    A close up of the monitor mounting:

    We drilled a hole in through the aluminum then fastened a bolt to the underside of the monitor. The foam helps to make it sturdier.

    The rough fit. If you look closely, you can see that the monitor is actually on.
    The 7 inch wide screen just barely fits here. Note the bezel around the monitor. Again, props to my buddy.

    A view of the cables to the truck. I ran the PC power cable, 2 usb cables, the ethernet cable, and the vga cable from under the console, under the back seat, then under the 60/40 folding seat and into the truck. Very easy to do. I'll have to install the audio cable later...D'oh!

    The PC in the trunk-

    Yes it is rather bulky, but it suits my purposes fine. The case has lots of airflow and with the core 2 duo, is nice and cool.

    The power, reset and LEDs inside the flip up console. The ethernet cable is cut and hard wired to the switches. The block heater cord was necessary due to the fact the inverter plugs were too close together. The ac adaptor for the monitor is plugged in here, as will a powered USB hub, for a future keyboard.

    The result!

    Future improvements:
    Improve the viewing angle of the monitor. It can be hard to see depending on your position and how bright it is outside, however, I can live with it.
    Add the audio cable. This will plug right into the Aux in the factory head unit.
    Find a way to easily turn on the inverter. Right now, I need to pull the seat forward in order to access the inverter to turn it on.

    Overall though, I am very pleased with the results. I am using Roadrunner for the front end, and just need to install some software. I use the rubber mat from the center console to cover up the monitor when parked, so the install is virtually invisible.

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    Looks pretty sweet


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      Nice setup but that PC is a monster. you can reder 3d films on it OR just play mp3s and use it for navigation. l0l
      - sh00k
      Duct tape and a Bandana for the win, b!shes!!!

      My Setup:

      Cost so far: Less than a grand ;]

      Economy/Commuter cars + Computers = many entertained miles


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        Excellent Post

        Great post. Thanks for sharing.

        I just got an 07 Si and want to mount a homelink button cluster (out of a Nissan visor assembly) in the same spot you mounted your monitor. Would appreciate any advice you can give me regarding removing the console without screwing something up. I had a problem getting the console side panels off. I decided not to force/pry them off figuring I would likely break the clips/fasteners that hold it in place.

        Thanks again


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          but if you use a regular psu and an inverter, does the PC drain your battery continually?

          or is power completely switched off from where your inverter is plugged in?


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            use a relay for your inverter


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              Sorry for the late replies.

              sizroch - I just have the LX coupe, however the interiors are very similar. The center console (in fact most of the interior) is very easy to remove, it is one big piece. You should be able to find accessory installation instructions online (ie to install a Honda CD changer.) I used these as a guide. Once you carefully remove the console, there are just 4 screws to remove the cubby. Good luck.

              Snortonnorton - I have an 800W digital inverter hard wired directly to the battery (with an inline amp fuse). It does drain a small amount from the battery if you leave it on, however I just manually switch it off and on when I need it.

              Cutrara - A relay (or similar) would definately be a better solution. I am looking into some options.