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  • 02 Chevy Blazer

    Well I am back with a new SUV to play with. Not really a full carPC YET !!!

    After my last jeep grand cherokee project which got stopped due to engine issues then the chop shop for some $$$ lol.

    This time I have a much nicer looking chevy Blazer 2002 model.

    I have my nice blue neon lights under it (I know alot of you don't like them but its my ride so meh :P)

    I have my 13 inch touchscreen tablet mounted in there right now until I can figure out the BESt place to mount it in dash. I will has to move all the center console electrics to do that but will look sweett and very small in thickness and its an all in one.

    Here are some photo's as it is right now.

    Please gimme some imput as to how / where to mount the tablet into the dash as it would look really nice if done right.

    Below is my power on off switch which goes to a power unit under the hod I installed to house some fuses and break up for different electronics inc the tablet power and under car lighting / in car lighting systems.

    Glad to be back.


    Jamie aka Dextor
    1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo XP
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    the only way that's going in there is if you gut the whole center, from right below the vents, the climate control could go way down by the cup holders, & you'd have to kinda build a whole center console around it. in portrait mode it might fit, if it's wider than that center section even in portrait mode then I'd say it's just too big.

    it may be necissary to even move your existing center console back a little so you can keep your cupholders & still have enough upwards angle on the screen, just bring the sides up with panels from the front of that floor console to cover everything & look like it belongs there...

    hold it up to the center, either it'll fit or it won't...
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      thanks for the imput. I have been thinking and looking at the shape and angel needed to make this work and due to the internal rounded edge speakers on the tablet its just NOt going to work which sucks.

      I also got streets and trips installed and the tablet is too old and laggs like a mo-fo so i decided to just use a more powerfull laptop instead right now.

      I went and purchased a elo 13inch touchscreen which will fit in the dash and look right and not need to be angeled nearly as much as the tablet out.

      The screen is also daylight readable which really helps as this is primary use for a gps nav system for my work.

      I am looking into what all i need to redesign the center console and what needs to go where and where I would like the controls. The radio is going to take a trip to the dump so only the ANY controls really need moving. I wanted to move the AC vents but there is ALOT of crap behind them inc the 4x4 controls which seems to be exremly hard to move and I have read about ppl on other sites / forums moving their 4x4 controls on blazer's and the controller not sworking any more - not sure why.

      I will keep you guys updated.

      cheers once again for the imput.

      1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo XP
      My CarPC Site


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        I have a 2001 Blazer that looks just about the same as yours. Did you ever figure out a way to install it into the console? The only thing I could think of is to put it under the ashtray ontop/inside the center console angled towards you. However, I don't think a tablet of that size would fit like that, a smaller one might though...