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Mean Green Machine - 1989 BMW e30 touring

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  • Mean Green Machine - 1989 BMW e30 touring

    Here’s my car.

    My goals were:
    1. Use GPS, play music, watch videos
    2. Make a system that looks as stock as possible.
    3. Be able to revert everything back to stock
    4. Have an I-drive controller

    Epia MII 10000 motherboard
    Maxtor 40gig HD
    512 ram
    Slot load DVD drive

    This was my first setup, just playing with the idea of having media in the car.

    I began reading this site and started planning my locations for a screen.

    Ended up going to BMW for some inspiration

    Started accumulating the parts.
    Lilliput screen

    Epia Motherboard.

    M2, Maxtor HD that I had lying around. Was planning on having the computer in-dash so I made the case in tiers to fit the space.

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    since I was going OEM look route, I decided that I would mount the screen high up on the dash with a hood to cover it. Started with blocks of foam and a spare dash.

    Once I got the shape I wanted, then came the fiberglass mat and resin.

    test fitting.


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      testing with the screen.

      Adding bracing and a place to screw into when mounting.

      after some bondo.

      some glue for the vinyl.


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        stretching the vinyl.

        It’s a wrap.

        in the car.


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          Here’s the mess going into the car.

          Wireless keyboard fits nicely in the side pocket.

          Making a cut off switch inline with the ACC line.


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            Decided that in dash was a little bit too cumbersome to remove if I ever needed to take it out so I made a new case to put in the glove box.

            I used a plug from an old power supply to plug in the ground, power and acc line. Makes it neat and easy to remove when needed.

            Screen in the car.

            cut off switch to put it into valet mode or if I need to make a quick drive.

            Powering up


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              Here’s my SpaceNavigator. Still haven’t got it working properly, gotta read those driver threads some more.

              Systems so easy to use, even a kid can do it.

              Next step is to make a bezel to fill in the voids around the screen. Still don’t really know what I’m going to do there. Any suggestions?

              Future mods:
              Make room for my slot load drive.
              Enable the bluetooth dongle I got.
              Rearview camera.
              Transflective screen.

              These things are always works in progress, I’ll probably never be done but that’s half the reason I do it I guess.

              Comments, suggestions, opinions all welcome.


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                Nice batch of development photos.

                Install looks like it has the potential to be a good'un.

                Personally I would get the screen out of it's case a make a custom bezel for it, allowing you to have switches, and indicators or something to fill the spaces


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                  Looks awesome! I thought about going this direction with my car, and part of me still wishes i did because its a little distracting to look down every 2 seconds. Seeing all the work you put in really makes you hate all those people with perfect double din slots doesn't it? Im just about to start work on fiberglassing a new piece to hold my hvac controls which have been relocated in front of the shifter. but good work, its good to have another older bimmer here.
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                    thanks enforcer. I'm just trying out your skin. looks pretty good in the car.


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                      hey casurfer. I know what you mean!! A double din space would have been so easy. Yeah the position is perfect, within arms reach and right in line with the dials. I'm probably going to go the route of ABS sludge for the bezel surround to avoid cracks and bondo pitting, etc all the headaches that go along with fiberglassing. Post some pics of your ride, there's barely any old bimmers on the board.


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                        i'll post some pics in a seperate thread tomorrow afternoon
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                        Screen 100%
                        Audio 100%
                        Computer 95%


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                          very cool, i love floral foam cheap, and works
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                            i wish i had rims like those
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