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CarPC install in my Mk2 Mr2 Turbo.

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  • CarPC install in my Mk2 Mr2 Turbo.

    Been working quite hard on my carPC install in my '94 MR2 Turbo for the past month, got the Carpc unit from second hand, wireless keyboard from my local Pc store and a Dimension 816 8.4" Vga touchscreen TFT from Ebay USA..

    the actual screen its self is 8" 16:9 widescreen, just about fits in the mr2 console, but took some fairly extensive modification, including relocation of the screens control buttons..

    The Pc spec currently is a VIA EPIA RevD m/board 800mhz CPU, 504mb ram, 60gb 2.5" (altho this has recently developed a fault -see other thread). External Dvd-RW.

    Here is my dash Before...

    And here is some pics of the work and finished product..

    modifying the blower vent holes to accept a headunit..

    HU port Complete.

    Fitting screen

    Had to remove 1 cm off the bottom of the screen casing as it was fouling the heater controls.. + had to remove the screen Control buttons.

    Prime'd and trial fit

    Parts now painted :P

    And finally, installed back in the car..

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    I did have more detailed pics of each stage, but my stupid *** crappy nokia 6280 decided to delete all the photos that i took on it, whilst transferring them to the PC !! :@

    The screen is also now hard wired into the car, so it is not using the Fag lighter socket any more. Only thing left now is to get a decent alpine head unit and a GPS Usb receiver

    thanx for looking


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      here is a pic of the car its self..

      and a lil photoshop as i have fender flairs being created at the moment, This will be the finished result..

      Unfortunately it has no engine in it at the moment as the car is a project and i am still building the engine. i am hoping for a good 580-630 Rear wheel BHP once its all done. and i will be using the CarPC to log ECU data and to adjust mapping on the fly.

      thanks for looking


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        Looks excellent! Great work! Car looks awesome as well.
        1995 AWD Tsi Talon

        Intel D945GCLF
        2GB Corsair
        30GB OCZ SSD
        Lilliput EBY-701
        Logitech DiNovo Mini
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          nice install
          carpc installation done
          intel 2.6
          512 ddr
          80 gb hdd
          creative live 24-bit 5.1
          8" lcd screen
          mitsubishi galant (8g 1999) 2000cc


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            love the car


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              Awesome work! keep it up!


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                very clean car!! nice setup too!


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                  Guy I work with just imported a motor for his MR2. It's the same color as yours, maybe a little darker, but he shipped his car and the motor to a shop in Penn. He gets the car back next friday.

                  The motor is 240bhp. Not sure what it is, but he's turboing and hoping to get it up to 400ish for awhile then go big when he builds the block.

                  Very clean install!


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                    the standard GEN3 Japanese mr2 engine is 245bhp 2.0 16v Twin entry turbo, that's probably what he has got imported.. I know the USA mr2 turbo was only made up to the GEN2 , which has a 220bhp engine, and old style engine management. They are both very strong and capable engines, at std they have a forged crank, Yamaha tuned head and very strong con rods etc.. i think the most seen from a STD bottom end was around 400 rwbhp !!


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                      Good lad, it's nice to see a UK lad doing carPCing! I noticed your RHD and your Mug lol.