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2003 Honda Accord V6 Coupe Black

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  • 2003 Honda Accord V6 Coupe Black

    There is a bit of a story behind this, but here are the pics first:



    boot screen

    safe mode

    digital xf (I like that one)

    I'll type up the rest later. But heads up: I am not happy with the xenarc. Direct sun light... forget it. Anything better out there?

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    Nope.. not really they make a better xenarc but its ALOT more and ive heard it not great either..
    basically any screen in sunlight in any car washes out bad.
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      Get a transflective.


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        I have a long list of goodies I want to get before I even get to the transflective

        By the way, the MCS Bluetooth OBD-II works nicely. The laptop is in the trunk and the OBD under the dash. Distance doesn't seem to be an issue when connecting/communicating with Bluethooth. However when I forced an engine code (left the gas cap open - lol) to appear and clicked on the "freeze frame" of the software that came with it (CAN OBD-II v1.3) ... the software crashed. I'll look into it when I have some time.


        Moved the laptop in the trunk after running the cables (xenarc long cable, power supply, etc) under the armrest and the back seats and all wires are in high temperature tubes for safety.

        The GPS (again Bluetooth, GlobalSat BT-359 Bluetooth) works nicely when tucked in the sun roof - LOL (yeah it gets pretty hot up there, but so far so good)

        A couple more things. I use the Kensington 120Watt Notebook AC/DC Power Adapter that rests in the arm rest pocket powered by the aux power supply that the accords have in the armrest and again so far so good. The Xenarc powers from the power that was suppose to go to the lighter on the front console. No issues so far.

        Finally, W3bMa5t3r 's power on module works nicely... not the most elegant drill job on the laptop but that toshiba satellite isn't a keeper to begin with. Hardest thing was to take the back panel out of that satellite toshiba that is built like tank! The laptop shuts down after 5 seconds of power cut off using the ShutControl 2.21... no issues with that either (note to self: donate!)

        ... and the faboulus bezel fab job by NexsoN of (even tho it had to be re-finished by myself to learn how to do it) looks great.

        Still to do... get the gromaudio and a sound card. The audigy 2 ZS card is in the mail (I hope - lol) and the car2pc grom audio had to go back to mamma because of issues with the left speakers not working and some serious noise. Hope they will send me a new one or fix that one.

        The entire system is designed to be taken out (end to end) in 30 minutes or less... don't like permanent things in my car, however it is also designed to look as OEM as possible with everything hidden from view and safely installed.

        More to come... sat readio, voice recognition, better wifi, get the bluethooth phone working etc etc.

        A never ending project. To be continued, but first valve adjustment, new sparkplugs, timing belt and water pump... some non-carputer things that need to be done while the weather is ok up here.


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          WOOOOT WOOOOOOT!!!!!!!


          hahha. im a whore on there... we'll, was...