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2004 Nissan Maxima Install

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  • 2004 Nissan Maxima Install

    First off, thanks to for everything...and a few of my fellow Maxima owners for some valuable input...

    Well this project took me about 2 days and alot of blood and sweat.. The hardest part was getting my monitor to fit into the dash space without much modification. I actually used the monitors housing to keep the monitor in place and secure it rather than having to bolt/tape it up. I ran into a few issues trying to accomplish this and I still need to work at it a bit but my time is thin right now and Im also in the process of completing my custom box for the PC, its halfway done all I need to do is put the expensive *** carpet I bought from Lowes on it and I'm done.... enough of my talking here are the specs..

    Via M10000 board
    512MB Corsair RAM
    120GB 2.5 HDD
    Lilliput 7" monitor EBY701 (With the auto-on setup)
    BU-353 GPS
    Pac aai-nis2 (Adapter that connects PC my line out to my factory radio Sat input)
    Opus 120 Watt psu
    Linksys Wireless adapter
    Bland case I got off Ebay

    Road Runner front end, Digital FX 2.0

    I opted NOT to install a DVD Drive at this time just because I dont really feel the need for it and if I ever do It wont be difficult to get that going so I had to get creative to install Windows and the first two pictures shows how I had to power a DVD drive from my desktop, because I didnt know the OPUS only had one Molex connector. (Not sure if its been covered but, its possible to use Alcohol 120% to share my CD/DVD drives on my desktop on the network, I can then go to my CarPC, connect wirelessly to the network and install from CD/DVD drive shared on the network)

    What a mess

    Dash removed


    Initially I was on the fence about going this route or just doing a simple Pioneer Avic unit, but I opted for this because it would be a challenge and I wanted my setup to look as stock as possible... I'm glad I opted for the PC because as many said, the possibilities are insane on what you can do with this. My only complaint is screen quality and the fact that I have a terrible viewing angle so the images get washed out at times, other than that its a winner!

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    Wow looks clean man! I have a 2005 maxima and i'm thinking of doing the same thing as you. I'm still researching and planning on how i should do everything. Anway props, its good to see Maximas with a carpc.


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      i was reading the other posts you had.. can you tell me how you Hooked up the opus?..any pics would be greatly appreciated..


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        Hi BobbyCreekwater,
        Great work dude. I also have 2004 Nisaan Maxima and wanting to install computer in my car. Do you have instructions on how to remove the dash panel? If yes, can I please get it?

        Thanks in advance.



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          Hey bobby, i have a 98 maxima with the same via board. Please let me know where you got the drivers for it and how you setup the bios. I really need help wiring my up in my car, I bought my car pc from ebay but had to buy two new 2.5" hard drives. hit me up thanks


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            How did you attach the new screen, i have all ready moved the info screen just trying to mount the new touch screen. I bought the same screen as you to. Pictures would be nice.

            Thanks a whole lot


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              Hey, i had the same question about the screen install, so if you could show some pics or at least a narrative of where you got the parts/how you installed them i would greatly appreciate it.. thanks


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                wow looks very clean, its good work
                Nico John