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2006 Mitsubishi Montero Dakar V6 4x4 (SWB)

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  • 2006 Mitsubishi Montero Dakar V6 4x4 (SWB)

    The Car:
    2006 Mitsubishi Montero Dakar

    JVC KD-ADV6160 Receiver
    6x9 Pioneer 420 W 4-way speaker pair in the back
    Bazooka 8" subwoofer

    Custom Roof Mount
    Via Epia M10K
    512 MB PC 2600 RAM
    80 GB Western Digital 7200 RPM HDD
    Opus 90 W
    Lilliput 7" Touchscreen with Auto Power On
    Rikaline 6010 GPS Mouse (dipped in Plasti-Dip)
    Available USB connection in the front of the car
    IR Recever for remote control
    Edited Bios startup Logo to display Mitsubishi Symbol
    Slim DVD Drive in glove box
    Frontend: RoadRunner with BM skin edit
    GPS SW: nRoute
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    My Projects:

    Old project
    2000 A4
    New Project
    2006 Montero

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    I am really impressed by the work you've done. Especially the accomodation of electronics just below the roof. I have almost the same car and to tell you the truth, i was looking for a better place for the liliput or xenarc 7" display. Did you think of the front of the Double DIN? if there is no head unit there???

    at aim dot kom
    Pajero/Montero 3500


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      talk about using up waisted space eh? how is nRoute off road, can you load trails into it???
      Life Dosn't come with a reset button, if it did you might as well turn the game off.


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        Hey guys, thanks for the positive feedback. Havenīt been on here for a while, been busy enjoying my off-roading carputer experience.

        To answer your questions, well indeed the roof was basically my ONLY option to mount the carputer, I though about under the seats however space was too tight, and with constant beach trips, the carputer would quickly take a beating. Iīve found that the roof location is ideal, it takes advantage of wasted space, looks fine, and doesnīt obstruct anything.

        I was also iffy about the screen placement, the double DIN was an option, however I am using a headunit, so there was not enough space to place the screen and the head unit in the double DIN, plus I find that this would have placed the screen too low for comfort, the height it is right now is ideal.

        As for nRoute maps and offroading, they are awesome! nRoute was pretty much my ONLY option for GPS maps here in venezuela, but the program and maps are great ( I have the whole country very detailed) I can custom create all my routes if I am going to remote unchartered places (read no paved roads)
        My Projects:

        Old project
        2000 A4
        New Project
        2006 Montero


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          Hello there, man, im pleased to know someone from Venezuela too, i have lot of months reading into this forum and planing my Carputer, in less than 2 weeks I will receive my last electronic parts, how have it been going with yours? and how is it moving the carputers around you? do u know any other friend that has them? maybe if we make a big group we can have meetings so we can share our knowledge, and ideas to improve ourselves... im gonna mount mine in a Terios 2009, im from PLC by the way... good luck man!

          i wrote in english.. so anyone can understand :P