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1997 Nissan Maxima Install

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  • 1997 Nissan Maxima Install

    Since this is my first one, I wanted to do something fairly simple, but as I read along I wanted to add more and more things. Got all of the stuff off ebay, here is the price break down.

    Video: Lilliput 629 Touchscreen $240 shipped
    Motherboard: ECS V5.2 full atx $39 shipped
    Processor: Duron 950 mhz onboard
    Hard Drive: Generic 60gb 8mb HDD $40 shipped (got it years ago)
    Memory: 512mb pc2100 $29 shipped
    PSU: M2-ATX dc-dc $87 shipped
    Optical Drive: Sony AW-Q170a DVD-RW drive $40 shipped
    PCI 1: 5 port USB 2.0 card $10 shipped
    PCI 2: 2 port serial card $8 shipped
    PS2: Superslim mini keyboard $17 shipped
    OS: Windows XP Pro $40 shipped
    GPS: Holux GR 213 $46.90
    GPS software: iguidance 3
    USB: Griffin Powermate $30
    Wifi: Linksys WUSBG54

    Spent so far $620. It'll be another $70 to get it finalized.
    I will be running road runner with probably the Digital Fx 2.0 skin. I will be donating to the software creater of the skin and also Guino for road runner. These guys put in countless hrs for us to have something free, it's the least we can do guys. I'm running dual serial card for Zeitronix Wideband datalogging and Emange Blue Support tool logging since they both use serials.
    More to come, pics ewill be uploaded eventually.

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    This should be in worklog, sorry, didn't read the sticky til after I posted. Basically I cut a piece of 1/4" mdf in the shape of part of the area of the rear passenger footwell. Got some machine screws and nuts for the make shift stand off bolts for the mb and m2-atx. The footwell will be fiberglassed later and have a top with a plexiglass window for view. There will be some sort of airfilter made for the intake fan. I don't have rear passengers usually but it will still be strong just in case to step on.

    First stage of glassing:

    Test fitting of HU in molded lilliput bezel.

    Here I just kinda threw the spaghetti on the preglassed board to get stuff loaded up and tested.

    After staying up late at night trying to remember how to format a hard drive...finally success.

    Crystalblue front end, I love it I guess it's just not finished yet.

    Then the original RR with bmv2 skin. Gotta get that honda emblem changed out.


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      Dude, I was going to do the same in my 3rd gen and because I didn't rush my install, I was able to think about trunk possibilities and damn, i'm glad I did. I'm in the final stages of my install, so keep an eye out in this section or on the org in the 3rd gen section. Seeing as how you've already made that much progress on your rig placement, you might as well go through with it and see how it works out. I'll tell you though, the fans are going to get on your nerves. I had everything temporarily hooked up last weekend with the box in the cabin and the fans annoyed me.

      Anyway, it's looking like it's coming together. Hope that ECS board works out


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        I tested the fan but not in cabin, I figure having an aftermarket exhaust and such it shouldn't be too loud. The fan itself isn't loud, but we will see. I didn't want to do trunk cause it would be a pain extending all those wires imo. There may also be a way with the fusion i/o board or something to have a temperature sensor, and then have it come on through the fusion board relay to cut the fan on and off at certain temps automatically.


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          Where do you plan on putting your Griffin Powermate? I have a 97 max as well and am thinking about getting one.


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            So far I'm thinking about moving the cigarette lighter to another spot and molding/mounting the Griffin there. Another option is to lose one of the cupholders.


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              How does your holux gr-213 gps receiver works? Im planning on getting one and wanted to hear about it before.

              thanks for your advice


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                Have you got it installed yet? I'd like to see how that floor-mounted PC enclosure looks. Any problems with cooling? I have mine installed in the trunk, wedged about halfway into that divot in the plastic on the left side, held in by a bungee cord. Works pretty well. I have my gps unit (Earthmate) on the rear deck, usb cord fed up through the louvres.


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                  nice, one of my boys kinda did the same thing, it looks good and very cost effective. good job