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1992 - VW Caravelle Project

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  • 1992 - VW Caravelle Project

    Here is some info of my project...

    1 PCS VW Caravelle 1992 mod.
    1. PCS - HP / Compaq Laptop
    1. PCS - 8" Touch Screen
    1. PCS - 300w Power inverter (12v - 220v)
    1. PCS - PS2
    1. PCS - FM Modulator
    2. PCS - 7" Headrest monitors
    1. PCS - Rear view Camera
    1. PCS - Video splitter
    1. PCS - IR Transmitter (sound for PS2 and video in back)
    1. PCS - Portreplikator (to use LAN and USB ports)
    1. PCS - Bluetooth USB
    1. PCS - USB W-Lan
    1. PCS - ICE (internet connection - about 500 - 1000 kbs)
    1. PCS - Mobile (connected to PC)
    1. PCS - PSP (connected to Computer with USB, later will connect to monitor)
    1. PCS - Volfenhag amp
    1. PCS - 12" SUB (2 will come, first i need to build mount for this)
    4. PCS - 4" speakers (infinity kappa)
    1. PCS - Car stereo with TV tuner, RDS Radio, DVD player, USB and 4" LCD

    Then there is many many feet of cable...
    Will also come with 12" roof monitor (motorized)

    Have just mounted the 8" touch monitor at the dash, but i will make an own mounting system for this monitor.

    The PS2, i will make a console that the PS2 and game can be mounted in.
    (this will be produced in fiberglas)

    mount for 12" sub's will also be maked in fiberglas.
    Photo of this project will come soon.
    i'am 90% with this car PC / Media project.

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    And there is an ALARM in this car
    This is an "must have" for car pc projects...


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      Is this a work-in-progress or a completed project?
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

      Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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        Originally posted by DarquePervert View Post
        Is this a work-in-progress or a completed project?
        no this is a work in progress..
        Maybe i am in a wrong plase then... hmmm..
        Can you move this.


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          Pictures from project...

          Here is the power plate setup....
          installed under 1 seat in the car.

          And here is an picture of the finished plate.

          Power plate almost installed under driver seat.

          Making remote button for the laptop.

          Finished making button cable.

          USB Hub for the computer.
          This is hidden under the dashboard.

          Some of the items that i have installed in the car.
          The amp... will be changed with an Vilfenhag amp.
          (it's in the mail....)

          Picture inside under installation.

          Also under installation.

          More installation

          IR transmitter installed.

          Headrest monitor left side.
          Show PS2 in action.... Can also show video from front DVD player.

          Headrest monitor right side. Plays music video from Front DVD player.
          Can also show PS2

          PS2 with monitor.
          Picture will also show at headrest and front screen.
          Console is under construction for this PS2.


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            more pictures

            Here is a photo of the car.

            Picture from rear in the car.
            The monitor in front will be mounted on a console that is under construction.

            Have also made some panels for the seat mount.
            So the cable and other equipment will be hidden.

            Sub at back...
            i will mount 2 sub in side of car later..
            So i have space in back of the car for something else.