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  • 1955 Buick Project

    Every '55 Buick needs a computer. Here is how I did mine.

    I guess you've got to start with parts. Here's a few of them:

    Epia M100, 1Gb RAM, 60Gb disk.

    Mix that with a little Extigy and XM USB and you are part of the way there.

    Build a new center console out of solid steel. Make sure you can fit a bottle of JWB in there somewhere.

    Paint it with House of Kolors Candy...

    Install this under the dash with a Xenarc touchscreen display. Add a pinch of StreetDeck...

    Take the old AM radio and force a Phidget or two into it...

    Put that into the dash...

    And now, we have a fairly nice system.

    Top it off with a motorized screen cover (the old 55 Buick radio speaker cover), and now we have something!

    There's a video of the whole thing here:
    55 Buick Carputer -

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    OMG thats beautiful.

    nice car, where'd you get it?
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      Thanks. I've had the car for years (decades). I bought it in New Mexico when I was at UNM.
      55 Buick Carputer -


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        Very nice!

        Not a four door fan myself but super clean install!

        Good work.
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          Holy crap, I love that install. Very stock looking!
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            Man what an install, and a sleeper!


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              Beautiful work! Congrats on an amazing install.
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                now that is insperational

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                  Thats is a SUPER slick install awsome job
                  My Install


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                    Wow that is nice. Great job!
                    Are you 2x? Because I want to integrate you from 10 to 13!


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                      WOW!!!! That is a beautiful install!!

                      What kind of MPG do you get on that behemoth?

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                        Originally posted by Rafster View Post
                        WOW!!!! That is a beautiful install!!

                        What kind of MPG do you get on that behemoth?

                        Funny you should ask. It gets great MPG. That is compared to a stock 55 Buick without an all aluminum, LS1, fuel injected, computer controlled, engine. When running in ranges from 90 to 100 MPH for long distances, I'm at about 19 MPG. That is what we call Highway miles.

                        I ended up writing about my first MPG experience here

                        If it makes you feel any better, I do put 91 octane fuel in it. This baby is not a cheap date.
                        55 Buick Carputer -


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                          what are those buttons under the screen? can you point me into a direction on how to do a screen like that and add some buttons like so?


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                            Check out It talks about what the hardware is and how I integrated it into StreetDeck.
                            55 Buick Carputer -


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                              That is just awesome
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