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2005 Legacy GT w/ nano-ITX installed...

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  • 2005 Legacy GT w/ nano-ITX installed...

    Hi Everyone,

    This is one of those rare moments where you feel relived that all the work and time has finally paid off. I say that because my CarPC has be an on/off project for the last three years! Three years ago I had a P3 mini-ATX mobo with the intent of mounting everything in the trunk. But then I saw the nano-ITX offering and realized that the mobo and LCD can form one unit. And this would all fit in the center console with no lenghty cables to run! Along the way, there were lots of fitment and measurements that need to be solved. But here's what I have so far:

    Nano-ITX 1GHz
    Lilliput LCD+TS
    Morex 80W DC-DC supply
    Transcend 2GB CF for XP
    60GB USB HD for media
    USB slim DVD drive
    Linksys USB wifi adapter
    BT GPS (5Hz) receiver
    Road Runner for media playback
    Phonco for cell phone
    CoPilot 10 for nav
    ECUexplorer/ECUedit for ECU logging

    Here's what I have build from scratch:

    Mounting frame for mobo and LCD
    Modified Subaru LCD frame to fit Lilliput (stock LCD frame is 3/8" narrower)
    1.5A adjustable 12V supply for Lilliput
    25W 5V supply for USB hub/HD/DVD
    DIY shutdown controller
    New power cables for Morex
    All power supplies installed in one aluminum enclosure
    Custom Panasonic headunit install (gutting the stock integrated HU)


    After a lot of measurements of the center cubby hole, I fab'ed this aluminum frame which houses the nano-ITX in the back and the LCD in the front with adjustable arms to position the LCD correctly.

    Here you see the system running off only the 60GB HD for development. I'm also using a small 90W 110V PSU here because I was designing the shutdown controller and 25W supply and waiting for PCBs to arrive.

    Here's the finished DC-DC PSU. The Morex sits on its side while the center houses the 25W 5V supply/shutdown controller. Off to the right is a 12V supply for the Lilliput. Had to make new custom cables to run from this supply to the CarPC.

    Here's the PSU installed. It sits below the radio where there is a huge void behind the climate control; the PSU is just 1/4" above the ECU. Mounting the PSU involved another custom bracket (aluminum plate) in the back. I had to go buy a right angle drill attachment to drill and tap the steele supports on each side.

    Another view of the PSU installed.

    The CarPC installed with the modified stock LCD frame. The slot under the LCD will house two buttons for the LCD (another new PCB) and a multi-card reader.

    USB and 5V power to the glove box where the USB hub and HD will sit. The HD is to be removable so that media can be transfered quickly at home. I'm actually having problems finding short USB cables! 3ft is too long!

    I took this picture to remind myself where the Ignition1 power line is. The shutdown controller I build uses both ACC and IGN to avoid the voltage cut on ACC while cranking.

    CarPC desktop. Using ObjectDock to help launch apps since CoPilot never integrates well with any frontends.

    Road Runner playing music. I'm getting some alternator whine in the system. But I think it's mostly from the cables. I'm running a 4" audio cable (the kind that you use for internal CD drives) that terminates to 1/8". Then a 3' lenth of 1/8" to 1/8" (coiled and zip-tied). Then a 1/8" to RCA adapter, finally followed by RCA to the headunit. So I think it's acting like an antenna...

    Playing Shawn of the Dead...

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    Very nice job. I always like seeing the small installs.
    Old Systems retired due to new car
    New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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      nice job.
      Never let the truth get in the way of a good story


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        Nice install


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          Wow, great job. How's the 1Ghz VIA handling the workload? I have a 1.4Ghz AMD Geode that's supposed to be faster than a 1.5Ghz C7 running CentraFuse and IGuidance and I do get slowdowns every now and then.

          Also, how do you like CoPilot? I love IG for the routing, but it doesn't have the traffic feature.


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            I haven't had any slowdowns yet. There is a brief input delay time when I start RR and Copilot at the same time, but I'm switching to hibernate later so that should go away.

            Copilot has been great so far. I'd like to use the traffic feature more if I had a constant internet service in the car. But I'm debating if I should ditch the BT GPS receiver and go back to USB. The BT requires me to turn it on seperately and sometimes the pairing isn't automatic.

            I'm still getting alternator whine with better audio cables, so I need to isolate the CarPC ground better.


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              good song. got to love Frank. Nice install as well
              As you sow, so shall you reep
              My Install-


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                Awesome car, awesome pc !


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                  great job!!
                  Love it!


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                    Thanks guys. I finally solved the audio whine and it was due to ground loops. The aluminum frame mounts onto the plastic points in the cubby, this means all current has to return via the long power cable to ground. So the current looked for a shorter path through the audio cables. After adding another grounding cable from the aluminum frame directly to the chassis ground, the whining is almost gone now. I'll evaluate if additional isolation will make any difference.