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2002 Seat Ibiza - UK

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  • 2002 Seat Ibiza - UK

    Hi guys, im abit late writing up my work log. I started planning about 6 months ago. I should be finished in a few days, dependant on a part arriving! Forgive the picture quality, all have been taken with my camera phone. I dont think ive done too bad as im still a student and paying for this with summer time work!

    Car PC Specs:

    VIA Epia ML6000EA

    256 RAM
    160GB 7200rpm 3.5" HD
    GlobalSat BU-353
    Lilliput 7" touchscreen
    Linksys usb wireless network adaptor


    47.07 Motherboard
    70.00 Screen
    5.99 Plastic Epoxy
    5.49 Plastic Primer Filler
    0.00 Sand Paper
    5.49 Matt Black Paint
    43.00 M2-ATX
    0.00 Map Software ( Mappoint 2006)
    25.00 GPS Receiver ( BU-353)
    0.00 256MB RAM
    0.00 CD/DVD-ROM
    1.99 VGA joiner
    0.00 5m VGA Cable
    2.50 5m USB Extension (Touch screen)
    15.05 Boot Tray Organiser
    1.98 3.5mm Jack to Phono
    0.00 Hard Drive Caddy
    24.99 Aux in for Standard Alana Head unit
    0.00 Phono Cables
    29.00 IDE 160GB 7200RPM Hard Drive



    The parts with 0.00 means I already had them.

    The Car:

    Seat Ibiza 1.9 TDi Sport PD130, standard apart from a remap, which boosts its to approx 180bhp! 0-60mph in approx 6.5 secs

    It all started with me buying a second hand lilliput sort of moulded into an ibiza dash, thanks Ed if your reading . When it arrived it didnt work, it didnt fit very well, holes were left at the top and the standard headunit wouldnt fit. So i went about molding it abit myself



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    I started a thread on why it wouldnt work, I eventually solved my problem! Yey!

    After abit of testing i found it was a nano fuse which had blown, I tested by placing a thin wire across the fuse:

    I then bought some fuses from america (only place i could find) and tried it out:

    With that problem solved it was time to get on with making it abit more OEM and to try and get the standard headunit to fit

    Using some bumper filler from halfords, a bunch of sand paper, lots of spray cans later:



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      I then set about extending the wires for the lilliput:

      Created power for the lilliput from the m2-atx:

      Extending IR:



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        I then purchased an offical parcel shelf from ebay, its the perfect fit!

        One of the several work areas:

        I mounted the boards using some bolts and random tubing i found left over from a kitchen install:

        Several short wires soldered together for the connection between the m2-atx and the motherboard:



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          Connecting power wire from battery:

          As the headunit didnt fit properly, i did abit of modifying with a dremel!

          Back to the parcelshelf:

          USB wireless:

          Cutting hole for cables:

          Wanting to put a fan here, so tape up the wires for clear airflow:



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            Set about making a hard drive mount:

            Again, i used bits left over from a kitchen install and used an old hard drive caddy i had lying about. You cant see but i've packed under the hard drive caddy a load of foam padding for a little shock absorbance. The hard drive pictured is an old 20GB drive i already had, i later upgraded to the 160GB 7200rpm.

            As i was going to be sorted out software for a while i modded my old psu to give me 12v DC:

            As i wanted to use the original head unit i need to get an AUX in cable for it:

            It worked a treat and gave me sound straight from my laptop.


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              I wanted a fan to keep the temps down inside the parcel shelf to i hacked it up abit. I got the quietest fan i could find from all my old computers and used it, but it didnt quite fit where i wanted, so again, out came the dremel!

              Secured by some self tapping screws

              I still found that it was abit too loud for my liking using it on my desk so i performed a quick fan mod:

              its now almost silent, but that resistor is getting damn hot, im pressuming its not for use with 10W fans , i'll have to pop down to maplins later to get a higher wattage one.


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                As i should be ready to get it in my car anytime soon i needed to extend some wires from the top of the dash to the bottom

                I needed to put the buttons somewhere, so i shifted them down to the bottom of the centre console



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                  Im going to be using road runner as my from end, as i have map point 2006 software. I used a subaru skin which i modified to my liking.

                  Custom start screen:

                  140 full divx movies!

                  12GB of music



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                    Ready for fitting tomorrow ive made the controller board stable, ive had to angle it because its a very tight squeeze! Having thought about it for about an hour the only solution i could come up with was using cable ties and a piece of plastic. To be honest its supprisingly stable and solid, i can shake it to my hearts content and nothing moves, so that will do me!

                    Comments and suggestions are welcome!


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                      Ok, so ive finally completed my install. The next few pictures show the process:

                      All the information cables were layed down the nearside: usb, vga, sound.

                      Sill complete:

                      VGA, usb (touchscreen) and phono leads in place

                      Tidying up abit:

                      Aux in for the headunit in place:



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                        All power cables/cables were interference would not matter were layed down the offside: LCD power, On/Off switch wire, ignition.

                        Using this diagram i went about hacking into the earth and ignition cables:

                        Joining the 12V permanant from the battery:

                        Finally Complete:



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                          Im very impressed with your work! Good job man. Inspires me.
                          Im also impressed by the work and the time you've put down on documenting the progress.


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                            yeah great install and a nice car, they are fwd right? Got any more specs on the car? LSD?
                            Continued Worklog... Upgrades in progress:
                            *15.4" WXGA LED backlight touchscreen upgrade
                            *Custom fiberglass dash bezel


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                              Um thats realy nice

                              I like the step by step, may i ask how long this project took to compleat, if i where to guess is would say 2-3 months?, from start to finish that is...
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