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2001 celica gt-s simple installed

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  • 2001 celica gt-s simple installed

    aopen mini 915 pentium-m 1.73 512 ram 100 gig fujitsu 2.5 HD, 8" lili 889 gl 512ram all in dash i drilled a vent hole on top left corner for a/c blow to keep cool , not blow directly at cpu of course. as u can see how i hide the screen
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    hey man how did you attach the screen dash, whats holding it up to the dash?

    is the screen larger than the hole for the radio is that why its recessed behind the dash.

    i'm thinking about doing the same but i want mine flush to the outside.



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      very nice install, i do see one issue you might have in the future, I also prefer the in dash installs compared to what most people do (trunk). I also at one point used the A/C to cool my pc, however this is a bad idea, when you have drastic temperature change I.E. hot pc, conditioned cool air, it creates a lot of condensation on the pc itself, there is really no way to avoid it. This will cause issues with your system, my suggestion is to plug the hole in your duct and use fans or you will be kicking yourself in the *** later!!!

      Ha, i just noticed this was posted back in 07, the condensation probably corroded his system, hence no posts since then... LMAO!
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