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  • Hyundai Accent 2000 - CarPC

    Hi Guys, I'm from Argentina and finally I have my Carputer project almost ended.
    I want to share with you my pictures of the work I've been doing.

    My Car is a 00 Hyundai Accent 1.5

    This is the hardware I“m using (RoadRunner don't work very well with it, too slow)

    800 Mhz P3
    Intel 815EEA2
    40gb IDE 133 HD
    512 RAM
    Lilliput 619 7"
    Mini-ATX 2 160 Watts
    Wireless Lynksys
    GPS Garmin 60CSX


    Windows xp pro
    Roadrunner frontend
    Iphone / LSX Void 2.0
    Winamp / Avs MilkDrop
    Garmin Nroute

    I've been working very hard on this project and I could have a custom case for the motherboard. It cost me 25 dollars.

    These are the pictures. Enjoy them.

    This is the briefcase I bought.

    This is the M2-ATX 160 Watts. It Cost me 76.- Dollars

    I used an acrylic base to put the motherboard, HD, and the M2-ATX.
    Also I added some selfstick“s gum to attanuate the jumps in the car.

    This is the Lilliput

    I'm testing it in my laptop.

    This is the 65AMP fuse i'm using.

    I will continue posting pictures soon. I'm like 80% done.

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    Looking good so far!

    Hardware and Software [#####] DONE!
    Fabrication [#####] DONE!
    Installation [#####] 99.314% (I like Pi! The project is never done.)

    --=> My CarPC Project & Link to Worklog :: My Blog/Website/Photo Gallery <=--


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      looks great so far. I love full size motherboards. 5 pci slots look like alot of fun, lol
      1998 Camaro Worklog Starting over, New setup for 2010


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        Is not good enought. That mother has USB 1.1 ports and it doesn't support my Intel 1 Ghz micro. So i should run it with an 800 Mhz micro...too slow.


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          I'm not sure how much of a difference you'll see between the 2. my first motherboard had 2.4 on it and now I'm running 1.0 and I can't tell a difference so you might not either. Doesn't hurt to try (or cost anything lol)

          you can just get a usb 2.0 pci card and fix that problem.
          1998 Camaro Worklog Starting over, New setup for 2010


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            Probably I will do that. Also I need to buy another pc. This configuration is too slow with a flash skin.