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  • 1997 Chevy Siverado TruckPuter

    So here is my dilemma. I have been working on my 1st truckputer install and have had rather good success....up till now. Now before anyone gets there cyber panties in a wad, I have a 2gig stick full of picks I will upload once Iím ready to post my project from start to finish. That said.

    I have a no name lillput look-alike 7in in dash motorized touch screen mounted in the top 1.5 din of my 1997 Silverado. Under that is the factory control for the HVAC. And of course under that is the spot for the factory Slot load CD player that has been pulled and chunked O So many years ago. Right off bat there is no room to mount my Alpine HU without doing some major cutting on the bezel, and I am not a fabricator by any means. So then I think...Ill just mount the HU in the Glove box Right! Wrong!!! 1st There is a support tube going the length of the dash blocking 2in and even if I cut the tube away the front of the HU will be blocked by the lock on the glove box. So after scouting around for a day or so I found an image of a Tahoe with a center console.

    So my question to anyone is will this console mount successfully to my 97 Chevy pickup. I believe so but I welcome comments or criticism before attempting the merge.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You might want to check out my worklog...

    What size is your Alpine Head unit? Installing where the factory CD player is, might be a little easier than you think.
    'Burb-puter - worklog


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      Magnus that a nice looking job you did on the dash. To answer your question and give you the best idea of what Iím working with check out these pics then if you donít mind tell me what you think. I plan to put the touch screen on the top 1.5 where the alpine is in the pic using the same mount. Ideally I would like to put the Alpine below it or the HVAC controls. The order of the 2 mean little to me. Thanks


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        I didnt mod the dash myself... bought it from a site member.

        There was another site member who also did one... Eskalad maybe? I know he had it for sale at some point..... not sure if it ever sold. Might look it up.
        'Burb-puter - worklog


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          Thx for da tip.