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2002 audi a4 w/ bose carputer

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  • 2002 audi a4 w/ bose carputer

    everyone told me it couldnt be done, that i would have to bypass my amps and put in a whole new stereo system, but i was able to keep my amp and my stereo and install the carputer, its beautiful!!

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    Install pics and worklog?

    How did you do it, im starting mine soon.


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      I use a carputer with my Bose system... I did it by using a Car2PC adapter.

      The Car2PC adapter plugs in the CD Changer port of the stereo and connects with USB and Stereojack to the Carputer. Buttons on my stereo and even my stering wheel buttons that are used for controlling the CD Changer now control my Carputer...


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        hows the sound?is it good?


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          The sound is good

          But on my Honda the one of the Audio pins was swapped with Ground, and that sounded bad... I found which pin was wrong and re soldered the Car2PC adapter to match my Bose Stereo. I think this is a problem only with my specific model, since no one else that has bought that adapter has complained. The Bose Stereo was only installed on a very special model so the rest was using a Honda Stereo and my Car2PC adapter was for that stereo.


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            Still using the Bose amp in my A3 for the time being also. computer is not in but I have been running my Avic D3 through it for the last 6 months now, its really not hard at all.


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              audi a4 bose

              hey yea it sounds so clean at first i was getting alot of rf noise but i picked up 2 ground isolaters and hooked them up to the front and rear and now its awesome. i also just cut out a fiberglass window and put all the computer parts around the tire well on the left side of the trunk. looks amazing and to top it off threw in some red cold cathodes wired right into the computer and programed to bump to the base when my alpine 12" type r hits.


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                can you post some more pics? pretty please?
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