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2006 Pontiac Torrent

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  • 2006 Pontiac Torrent

    Finally got it done.. excuse the quality of the photos, combination of a crappy camera and shakey hands.

    The only thing yet to be done is hiding a few of the wires in the back and adding some more peripherals.. dvd-rom, usb hub.. oh, and actually hooking the M1ATX up to a switched power source (i couldnt find an aftermarket harness that would work in this thing.. tried several from $10 up to $120). Right now I just rigged a switch box under the arm rest.

    I made the bezel and this was the first time I ever laid hands on bondo... so be gentle. If you cant see the imperfections in this one, youll be able to see them in the pics below. This was the best result out of four tries.

    I didnt spring for the case. I was convinced I would just make it myself out of plexiglass. But I got lazy and didnt finish it. I just ended up mounting it on a sheet of plexiglass and duct taping it to the top of the amp...

    GPS and 802.11b adapters in the back window.

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    Looks damn nice, especially for your first Bondo experience. Please post some pics of the computer/amp setup!

    Hardware and Software [#####] DONE!
    Fabrication [#####] DONE!
    Installation [#####] 99.314% (I like Pi! The project is never done.)

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      Oh my! My wife has torrent too, and I was actually thinking that the radio could be easily replaced with the screen. Maybe I'll do it in the future.
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        Woops.. thought I added it the first time. Im gonna try to take some better pics tonight.

        I didnt want to lose my cargo room in the back. I thought putting it under the passenger seat was the cleanest place to put it outside of mounting it in dash or in the spare tire hole. Putting it in a case would help a lot with the clutter. I pretty much just electrical taped all the power wires together. Its not pretty, but I was just ready to have it working. I will probably go back in a few weeks and clean it all up.